Todd Levine Brings Creativity to Commercial Litigation

Todd Levine is an attorney with extensive experience in many types of business disputes. He often represents real estate brokers, contractors, and property managers. He has also had experience in sports and entertainment law. Todd Levine’s accomplishments have been mentioned in Super Lawyers Business Review, South Florida Business Journal, and Florida Trend Magazine.


Todd earned his Bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Florida. He then studied law at Levin College of Law.


Levine has made a name for himself for his ability to simplify the very complicated. He learned about this talent early in his career when he was put on a very complex case. He ended up winning the case and understanding his ability to explain things to others in simple terms that they can clearly understand.


Todd Levine believes that the key to success in complex litigation, and in life, is preparation. Proper preparation allows a litigator to counter whatever the other side throws at you. This is a crucial skill in the courtroom. Brian practices this advice in his career. Before making any public argument he prepares an outline. This helps him to see any potential errors in his logic.


Todd Levine is a musician and artist who has a creative mind and that helps him in litigation. He envisions and dreams up multiple ways to solve problems that another attorney may never be able to solve as well.


Todd Levine’s unique experience and education allow him to thrive in commercial litigation. Not only is he able to find logical solutions, he is able to find and apply arguments that most others can’t.