OSI Industries: One Of The Longest Running Meat Processing And Wholesale Companies

They’ve been in business since 1909 and while processing technology and logistics have changed a lot since then, OSI Industries still works hard to create tasty foods while never compromising customer safety. They’re most known for their prepared specialties such as breakfast bacon and sausage patties and sandwiches found at supermarkets, and burgers and pizzas found at fast food restaurants. They cater not only to big chain food suppliers but to smaller merchants as well, and their mission is to make sure their foods align with customer tastes in each region. But what’s really made OSI Industries special is how their executives have run the company over the years.

Otto Kolschowsky can be credited with the founding of OSI Industries originally as a butcher shop that grew into a meat market with its own factory. After he retired, his sons managed the company and named it Otto & Sons, and in 1957 they became official partners with McDonald’s. With this new partnership, Otto & Sons needed to add more production plants but needed new financial management and capital raising expertise to do so. Sheldon Lavin, a financial consultant then joined the team and rearranged Otto & Sons financial department and the company started turning profits. Lavin was made CEO several years later and still holds that position today, and after Otto & Sons began opening plants in new countries, it became renamed OSI Industries.

The way OSI’s leaders describe the company is not having a typical corporate structure where orders are just given from the top. Instead, everyone’s voice is heard and Lavin and OSI President David McDonald are always looking to improve things in the workplace. Many employees have expressed happiness with the company and it’s been known to have few overturns. Companies that have been bought out by OSI Industries are always offered continued employment for current employees.

OSI Industries’ current holdings include 50 plants in 17 countries and the recent buyouts of Baho Food and Flagship Europe. The UK’s British Safety Council recognized their safety and environmental responsibility innovations in 2016 by presenting the Globe of Honour award. OSI Industries has also taken part in human rights celebrations and supported community drives for ending hunger. OSI Industries’ executives also sit on the board of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, a grant foundation for healthcare and scholarships for underprivileged families.

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