Malcolm CasSelle Invests in Blockchain Tech with P2P Platform WAX

OPSkins, the earth-wide leader for virtual video game asset sales is dipping its toe in the waters of virtual asset trading. Led by front-man and current OPSkins CIO Malcolm CasSelle, the creative powers behind OPSkins are launching a P2P blockchain platform called WAX. WAX, which stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange allows players within a network of video games to trade digital wares to one another. The trade made possible by the limitless possibilities of decentralized technology. A popular misnomer surrounding decentralized markets is their unreliabilty and fragmentation, two factors mooted by present blockchain technology. Technology that CasSelle is using to put WAX at the forefront of a brand new industry.

Blockchain tech creates data chains from transaction information. Using cryptography the software allows every little action a user performs online to be recorded. If the buyer or seller partakes in dishonest practices, the blockchains will record the instances and apply them to its ratings. This provides security for potential transactions. CasSelle, who has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, saw the potential in this tech and is now cashing in. The ability for WAX to actually give gamers a return of investment is huge. The domino effect it creates could very well lead cryptocurrency to the mainstream. At least that is what CasSelle is thinking.

Malcolm CasSelle was the CTO and president of New Ventures for Tronc Inc. before coming to OPSkins. His career in the virtual industry dates back to ’95 when CasSelle founded his first business NetNoir. Since then he has founded many internet-based start ups, and served in top level executive positions for top-level web companies. CasSelle was an early investor in both Bitcoin and Facebook. He never ignores new opportunities and follows cryptocurrency very closely. In addition to his status as CIO for OPSkins, CasSelle will also serve as president of WAX.