Jose Auriemo’s Journey To The Top Of BOF

Mr Auriemo is 42 years old his happily married to Landmann Mariana Auriemi and have two children. Zeco is currently the chairperson and CEO of JHSF. When not working, Zeco would sooner have a quiet day over at his favorite golf club or have some fun time catching up with his family.

Zeco took over the family business at a young age of below 30 years thus becoming one of the youngest leaders in Brazil. This was made possible because of the experience he had gained since his teen years when he helped around in the company business. By participating in the International Youth Coexistence in Japan and participating in horse riding in Europe besides Nelson Pessoa Filho, Zeco demonstrated leadership skills. At the age of 17years Zeco was working at JHSF and at the same time undertaking an engineering course at the Faculty of Engineering in San Paulo. He later decided to drop his studies and concentrate on his family business.

Jose Auriemo saw potential in incorporation as it had a market all over the world. This is when he decides to start the project of Parque Cidade Jardim. The project was to sit on a 38,000 meters squared piece of land. Many people were against this decision and thought it would fail but he did not only complete the project but it brought back a lot of profits. At the moment the company is trading its shares on the Brazil stock exchange.

Business of fashion released their new edition of BoF 500 this year and with it came a list of the most influential people who are in the fashion market. This year, Jose Auriemo Neto the chief executive officer of JHSF was among the people who were on the list. Jose Auriemo Neto is from, Brazil and has caused a big difference in Brazil’s fashion world. This difference was noted when he launched Cidade Jardim, the largest shopping mall that houses over 200 brands in it. He is also recognized in Brazil for introducing Jimmy Choo and Hermes to the country. Zeco is also an real estate developer. He has also received recognition during the dinner gala in New York this year August.

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