Investment Guru Paul Mampilly advice on 2018 stock investments

Investments opportunities are in plenty in this era. Many sectors of the economy are growing rapidly and are offering unlimited investment opportunities. Take the case of the technological sector. This is a sector that keeps on going up and up every single day. Better innovations are being made replacing traditional ways of doing things. This makes it a lucrative deal for investors. With the growth of the internet of things technology, 2018 is expected to be even a better year for investment in this sector. There is wide range of products that are soon to be released. These are the devices that will support the internet of things technology. Already, numerous devices have been created and more keep being added.

The internet of things is a technology that will connect devices to the internet. There will be a production of more smart devices that will have the capability to work with this technology. Take for instance production of smart refrigerators, coffee makers and the wearable medical devices. These are some of the devices that will make the internet of things devices. Any investor looking to invest should be looking at such factors. It is high time that investors learn to look at changes in the technological world as it comes with the opportunities to make money.Companies that are leading in technology include Google.

Google is making a huge impact in the world through its innovative edge. It is trying as much as possible to make innovations that will last for many years to come and also innovations that will take us to the age of internet of things. Any investor who would like to make sound investment decisions should be looking at such companies which have invested in technological innovations. Paul Mampilly, an American investment guru, has talked about the opportunities that are available in the markets. He has described the technology sector as one area that every investor should keep his eyes close on. It is a sector that has a potential of turning any investor rich. Paul Mampilly is also warning investors to stay away from stocks that seem to have reached their optimum levels. He gives the example of Apple as one stock that is going to have a tough 2018. The chances are that we will start to see the fall of its share value. There is nothing the company is doing to introduce innovative products in the market.