How Excellent Stock Picks Have Gifted Paul Mampilly With A Lavish Lifestyle

Paul Mampilly is undoubtedly an extraordinary investor and entrepreneur. His unique ability to identify winners in the stock market right before take-off has made him one of the most in-demand investors in the U.S and beyond. More so, he has the records to prove it. Contrary to public opinion stems from luck, Mampilly has proven that hard work and extensive research are crucial ingredients to success. His impressive portfolio includes the management of notable accounts worth millions of dollars.

According to Mampilly, any tech stock he picks must retain the initial probability of generating revenue even after 40 hours of extensive research. Afterward, he spends an additional 30 hours drafting his written recommendation to numerous clients. Interesting enough, is Paul Mampilly’s unique blend of time and effort to pick a winning stock. His recent investment choices span across precision medicine, electric vehicles and food delivery services.

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How to Choose Food Delivery Services as a Reliable Stock Option

Research has proven that the country’s largest working generation is highly dependent on various food preferences. As such, Mampilly deemed it necessary to invest in meal kits, grocers and food deliveries which are currently experiencing spikes in sales in the market. More so, prominent entities such as Blue Apron and Plated have emerged as favorites to consumers based on their complete ingredients attached with precise instructions on the preparation process.

Paul Mampilly predicts a boom in the food service delivery industry as upcoming enterprises are taking the world by storm. However, corporations must learn to meet the demands of this young market or risk falling out of business. For instance, Boomers has long been favorite giant supermarket specializing in fast food. However, the younger generation has shifted its focus to nutritious food forcing the company to incorporate healthy food choices.

Adopting Precision in Medicine

Massive changes have been sweeping up with the conventional “one-size-fits-all” health care concept becoming obsolete. According to, the modern system entails using a patient’s genetic data and medical history to determine a perfect match against the comprehensive database to diagnose various conditions. Through conducting a genetic test, doctors will be able to identify the exact malady and prescribe the right medication.