David McDonald: President Of On Of America’s Top 100 Food Companies

David McDonald, president and chief operator of OSI Food Solutions, is set out to ensure that his company continues to succeed. Being an Iowa State University Alumni, McDonald won the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award for his outstanding character and achievements. Having a degree in animal science, McDonald is not one you would expect to see running the show in the food industry, but he has accomplished just that. David is currently the chairman for the North American Meat Institute, served as an independent director at Marfig Global Foods S.A., and is director of OSI International Foods in Australia.

Being a former Project Manager of OSI Group, and the current president of the company, David McDonald is on a mission to improve and maintain OSI Food Solutions’ sustainability by reaching out and gaining more customers around the world. Recently, in order to expand the company even further, McDonald had the leading role in the acquisition of Baho Foods, as well as the expansion of OSI Food Solutions in China. McDonald states that “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe.” This isn’t the only company that OSI Food Solutions have acquired since Mcdonald has been in charge, they have also expanded through Tyson Foods, Flagship Europe, and a new facility, GenOSI, in the Philippines.

Through many interviews, the public has learned quite a bit about David McDonald and his well-known business expertise. Joining the OSI group straight out of college, David had to work his way to the top. While he has been met with plenty of challenges throughout his career, he has learned all of the secrets to maintaining a successful company. “My success is rooted in my company’s ability to create valuable partnerships,” says McDonald. David says that in the future, we can expect for OSI to continue to grow and “adapt to the changing business environment.”

With OSI Food Solutions being one of the leading food companies in the world, David McDonald is forced to stay on his toes and create and implement new ways to stay on top in the ever-changing business world. Luckily the OSI Group has a great president and chief operator that has been able to improve the company’s sustainability by gaining customers’ trust, expanding to new locations, and ensuring that their marketing strategy of “being one with the culture” remains intact.

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