4 Tips To Help You Better Target SEO Keywords


When it comes to search engine optimization, keywords are without question the most important piece of the puzzle. They are used to target your audience and to determine what type of content will be posted on your blog or website.

Within the last few years search engine giant Google has made a lot of changes regarding complaints when it comes to how keywords are used to rank web pages. No longer can you stuff your content full of keywords and get ranked on the first page of Google.

To ensure your keyword strategy is effective, here are 4 tips from top digital marketing agency White Shark Media.

#1 – Focus On Intent

While finding all the keywords that are relevant to your business is extremely important, it is just as important that you look at the intent of those keywords. Doing so could give you a ton of insight into the type of problems your target audience is facing.

#2 – Categorize All Keywords

Now that you have a list of keywords as well as the intent behind those keywords, its time to put those keywords into the appropriate categories. Name each category after search intent. For example, if one of the keywords is “home painting ideas”, chances are the person is just looking for information.

Therefore, one of your categories would be “looking for information”. If on the other hand someone types in “professional home painter”, chances are they are looking to hire someone to come out and paint their home. In this case you could label the category “looking to hire”.

#3 – Take Each Keyword and Create a Headline

When people are searching online, it is the headline that will capture their attention. If your headline isn’t interesting, no one will click through and read your content.

When you are turning keywords into headlines, be sure to highlight the intent. For example, a great headline would be “7 Home Painting Ideas You Can Try This Weekend”.

#4 – Use Different Variations Of The Search Term

Search engines have evolved quite a bit in recent years. They now understand search term variations and are able to create associations between them.

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