Aloha Construction Company, impacting the society positively

The Aloha Construction Company was founded by Dave Farbaky, a very humble man who values charity work. It is a family business that has served Illinois, the North West of Chicago among others. The Company focusses on giving solution for home repairs in cases of wear and tear. Aloha Construction Company has been in the market for over 10 years and has successfully completed over 18 thousand projects. They have been rated the best among its competitors in the market to date.


Aloha Construction offers a different variety of services to its clients. These services include and not limited to: roofing services, installation and repair of the sidings in homes, window replacements and installation of gutters. The services offered by Aloha Construction are professional and of high quality. They provide consultation and lasting solutions to the wear and tear problems that you a client may have.


Most insurance companies will not cover the cost to repair damaged property. Clients end up stranded whenever a damage to their property occurs. Aloha Construction Company has partnered with Synchrony to assist with the financing of these projects for individuals. With both solutions at a one stop shop, the finance and construction solution, clients opt to go with Aloha Construction for their projects.


The founder of Aloha Construction, Dave Farbaky, has a charitable foundation known as the Dave Farbaky Foundation. This Foundation is the charitable part of Aloha Construction Company. It gives random gift vouchers to the needy people in the society. Aloha Construction partnered with Learning Express Toys to launch a shopping spree for the needy children in the local community. This encourages the children to grow up knowing the importance of giving back to the society. The Foundation’s plan for the future is to plan monthly charitable events.


The virtues that the Dave Farbaky Foundation offers, through their projects, are meant to ground the children into loving and helping others in the society. This is an important trait to instill in the younger generation for future growth of the society.