Upwork Inc. is the largest freelancing website globally that is privately held. Formerly, Upwork was called Elance-oDesk. Upwork was formed in 2015 when Elance Inc. established in 1999 merged with oDesk formed in 2003. Upwork emerged when oDesk was rebranded and upgraded to become the single largest freelance marketplace globally.

The company has the largest pool and broadest coverage of freelancers and employers in the world. The platform allows employers to post their projects to top talent from all over the world. On the other hand, freelancers can vie for attractive jobs at competitive prices.

The website is meant to make it easier for employers including businesses to find independent professionals. As a result, Upwork ensures that businesses find top talents without caring about the traditional barriers of place and time. Upwork has its headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Recent statistics show that freelancers on Upwork offer over 3, 5000 skills. Some of the skills that freelancers on the platform offer to businesses include web development, customer service, sales and marketing, accounting and consulting, design and creative, writing, virtual assistants, and mobile development.

Therefore, the platform eases the process of businesses finding the right skills they need to get their work done. Today, freelancers on the platform are earning over $1 billion yearly. It recruits freelancers from across the world. According to Upwork Global Inc., it has more than 14 million users in over 180 countries globally.

The company’s vision is to make it easy, simple, and cost-effective for businesses known as clients to find, hire, work with, as well as pay freelancers. Any business or individual regardless of their location and size can work with freelancers on Upwork.

For efficient communication, Upwork allows freelancers and businesses to send receive video and text communications through its in-app messaging service. This ensures that there is a seamless exchange of information between employers and workers.

Upwork allows users to use mobile apps on their iOS and Android devices. Therefore, freelancers can get in touch with employers to review their work. The current Chief Executive Officer of Upwork is Stephane Kesriel who is responsible for developing the growth strategy of the company.