What you can learn and do on Talkspace

Have you ever wondered if you are working for a psychopath? Here are some signs that you could be. He or she may be very charming, have a need to control everything, show narcissistic tendencies, and often may have an iffy relationship with the truth. Watch for your boss to take extreme risks and blame others when things don’t go right.

It is possible to recover and bounce back from adversity. First, be as kind to yourself as you would be to a friend who was suffering. Don’t go it alone. It is actually an act of bravery to ask for help, assistance, or advice. That is not what society always tells us. Don’t hide and remain alone.

The above are examples of ideas relayed in the blog posts on a website called Talkspace. This is a website (and mobile app) on which you can communicate with a therapist through texts,voice or video calls. Many people have found this convenient and helpful.

Obviously, the time constraints of having to make an appointment and show up at someone’s office are eliminated. Some find it easier to communicate through texts. By far,though, the aspect of convenience is what makes Talkspace so popular. There is also the fact that the cost of using Talkspace is significantly less than traditional therapy.

A live contact at the website matches you with a therapist after asking some preliminary questions, and you fill out a form that is simpler than the ones at a first visit at a doctor’s office. Your contact at Talkspace will also ask you if you have any specific requests. You will then be assigned a therapist. You will be given information about your therapist’s education, licenses/credentials and background. You can request another therapist at any time.