Alex Hern: A New Computation Style

Alex Hern

Sometimes when you come up with the idea for a new business it’s like lightning striking you. You can have everything that you need to make a good business, but it still could fail. Sometimes the best thing to do is call in an expert that understands the market. Alex Hern is one of those experts who has more than 25 years of experience in the technology market. This expertise has helped him successfully nurture companies from the ground up for many years. He has made such a splash in the business world that he recently sat down with Ideamensch to elaborate on the ways that he perpetuates his own success.

One of the habits that Alex Hern explains to Ideamensch is the most beneficial to his success is his ability to completely focus on one project. This is a habit he has been cultivating for many years and believes that it is a cornerstone of his success. While Alex Hern understands it is almost impossible to work exclusively on one project at a time he likes to take a few hours out of every single day to focus on just one problem. This is how he was able to successfully launch his company Tsunami XR. He believes that multitasking takes away from a personal success and distracts them from the projects that are really important.

Tsunami XR is going to be really important because GPU’s are rising in popularity. There are more people interested in the power of GPU processing over CPU processing. The reason for this is because the GPU is capable of transporting more memory even if it is at a slower speed. This slower speed can be rectified through the use of multiple GPU’s that will then queue up with information. This queue ensures that the information will remain available in a near constant stream after that. CPUs could be used in much the same manner they usually cap out at around two unit per system. Tsunami XR will be built around this new GPU-based system. With Alex Hern at the head, they will offer programs and software applications that cater to this type of computation style.

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Talk Fusion offering a next level form of connecting the world.

Bob Reina took a video of the house he was considering to make a purchase and wanted to send it via email. To his dismay, it was impossible to post the video via email, and it was this need that gave birth to Talk Fusion. Bob Reina teamed up with people who helped him build the company that would facilitate sending videos via email. Talk Fusion has been on the forefront making products which have been recognized and won awards. After producing Video Chat which made headlines and won an award, the company and its corporate leaders announced the remodeling of the product to include new and exciting features. The application will now add new features such as a state of the art video support, superior contact management, permanent chat rooms and URLs that have been customized. The product is facilitate by the WebRTC technology with an extensive desktop in addition to file and screen sharing. The innovative WebRTC technology does not require other plugins and makes communication more consolidated. The technology also enhances security and offers the user an improved personal experience while interacting with the product. The move to institute webRTC with talk fusion has revolutionalized the video communications platform. The Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page remarked that the way of doing things was getting much better. This is because of the new voice-only option that improves the quality of audio output. Indeed Talk Fusion is offering a next level form of sharing and connecting the world. Mr. Page also added that the new product would be very influential to the world and even very simple and clear. The CEO Bob Reina also remarked that the product would offer the user more control of the product and the product would adapt to suit the needs of the user. The organization used its product testing group known as the VIP Council who had the privilege to use the product before its release in the market. The group commended the new interface of the product a sign that it would receive the same reaction from around the world. Talk Fusion is ready to set the bar even higher with the corporate leaders prepared to renovate other areas as the company enters its second quarter. Talk Fusion is driven by the desire to beat its standards, and Bob Reina is leading the way to ensure better processes are developed to enhance communication around the world. The firm had small beginnings where they just started with video emails, and the users were able to customize their messages to their liking. Pre-made videos were also provided to cater for the users who did not know how to make the videos. Additional products included such as Video Suite made the whole experience far much more exciting. Users can create and personalize their newsletters by using Video Newsletters. Video Suite will enable the users also have the experience of live chat sessions and powerpoint presentations. This feature also allows other users to access files on the other person’s computer. Sign up forms also enable the user to create an email list while also offering the possibility of one creating their own signup forms. Learn more: