An Overview of the Role Rick Smith Plays at Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is the current CEO at Securus Technologies. He took over the position back in July, 2008 and has steered the company to its current position. A lot of people had faith in his capabilities when he was taking over the position due to his drive, experience and focus. All these qualities have been instrumental in his push to make the company move forward and make it the undoubted leader when it comes to offering communication and various other product and services to the corrections industry. Rick Smith boasts of a unique skillset, remarkable track record and outstanding background. He has experience working in various fields like information technology, telecommunications, business development and many more. Rick Smith possesses unique leadership skills that constantly set him apart.

Education Background

Apart from his great skills at leadership, Rick Smith has a solid education background to back him up. He attended Rochester Institute of Technology where he earned an associate’s degree. He also holds an engineering degree that was awarded by the State University of New York, Buffalo. He also did his masters degree in engineering in the same institution. Rick Smith did not stop there as he went further and earned an MBA from the Simon School in the University of Rochester.

Work History

From 1972 – 1998, Mr. Smith held various positions at Global Crossing North America Incorporated. He used to be the chief information officer as well as controller. He also enjoyed a stint at Frontier Information Technologies where he was the president. He was the vice president at Midwest Telephone Operations, Business development director and Network plant operations director. He also became the vice president at the Financial Management division.Rick Smith made his move in 1998 to Eschelon Telecom Incorporated where he was the chief financial officer at the company until 2000. Between 2000 – 2003, Rick Smith became the company president before he got a promotion to become the CEO of the company. In the course of his term, he was able to raise the revenue at the company from a paltry $30 million to about $350 million. Rick Smith managed to take the company through a triumphant IPO during the summer of 2005. He stayed on with the company up to the year 2007.

Rick Smith at Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies formally appointed Richard ‘Rick’ Smith as its president and CEO in June 2008. In January 2009, Rick became the chairman of the company. During his reign at Securus technologies, the main rival to the company has always been the Global Tel Link. Securus Technologies has been able to hold its ground by offering huge products and services than the competition. Securus Technologies also boasts of a huge and far efficient call center than the competition. Rick Smith has been able to invest more than $600 million in technologies, acquisitions and patents from 2013 – 2016.

Jason Hope – Entrepreneur, Mobile Technology

Jason Hope is one of the most respected individuals in the business world in the United States. He is a resident of Arizona and worked as a philanthropist in the country.

For a long time, he has also worked to develop numerous techniques and inventions in the business world as well as the healthcare technology where he is an investor. He is also considered as a futurist through numerous interviews on the television. For you to find out who Jason Hope is, you must take your time and scroll down and understand his capabilities and what makes him different from others.

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Jason started his endeavors in the business worked by attending the University of Arizona and attained a degree in Finance and Economics. When he was done studying in the university, he went on and proceeded to attain an MBA from the University of Oxford. This was the point where his business strategies began in his life. He wanted to make good use of his knowledge to create better business strategies and in an environment which cares about the continuity of business. He has always been fascinated by the business worked and the technology associated with mobile phones. For this reason, he decided to use this technology to have all people gathered and used it to achieve what they wanted to make the world a better place to live.

This was the source of all his inspiration towards the world of business and technology. He started by working to make a unified messaging application for companies who want to broadcast and receive messages from their clients using the short message codes. This is the way in which he makes money. His money emanates from serving and providing solutions to businesses in the United States. He also decided to venture into the world of mobile technology because it has a lot to grow. For this reason, he has developed high-end solutions to do better business in the industry. For the sake of future technology, he decided to bring up his work with the premium text messaging services to companies who in turn offer their money to continue his business in the country.