Geoff Cone and What he Knows about New Zealand

Each year, thousands of people move to New Zealand. They do so in hopes that they will be able to get a great job, buy a beautiful home and save some money on the taxes that they have to pay. This is a misconception, though. While New Zealand is a great place to live, it does not offer tax-free living.

New Zealand is a country that has tax transparency. This means that they are open about the taxes that they have in the country and that they will tell anyone who is inquiring about the amount that they have. This also means that anyone is free to find out exactly what type of taxes Kiwis are paying when they work different jobs. One thing that people can do when they consider moving to New Zealand is learn what someone who makes the same amount as them makes.

There are many countries that are tax-free, though, or low-tax. These countries are referred to as tax havens and they are places where people can go to make sure that they are getting the most for the money that they make. They don’t want to have to pay a large amount of taxes and, instead, they move to a country that does not require them to do that. These countries are often harder to live in but they are worth it for people who do not want to have to pay taxes.

Each year, a group of people get together to compile a list of the countries that are tax havens. Geoff Cone is one of the people who help out with the list and he is confident that he knows about the countries that people do not have to pay taxes in. He wants people to make sure that they are getting the most and he works as a global attorney to help people with that. He encourages many of his clients to move to tax-free countries so that they do not have to worry with paying very high taxes on the money that they have worked so hard to make.

Geoff Cone is a global attorney who is from New Zealand. He now lives in a tax haven country because he knows that it can be difficult to pay taxes when he makes a lot of money. He moved from a country that people think is a tax haven to one that actually is a tax haven so that he does not have to pay a lot of money on a regular basis. This is something that he sees as a good move and something that he encourages other people who make a lot of money to make the decision to do.

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