GoBuyside The Recruitment Platform

GoBuyside is a unique firm that offers crucial services to other organizations within the market. Mostly GoBuyside deals with providing a recruitment platform where the potential employers and employees interact to work together. Some of the common clients of the company include the private equity firms, advisory platforms, Fortune 500 companies, hedge funds and other investment managers. Read this article at Yahoo Finance. One of the competitive advantages GoBuyside has is adequate leveraging on the technology. Through the incorporation of the technology, the organization is in a position of meeting the unique demands of their clients across the globe. Notably, GoBuyside has a human resource that is well qualified and trained to ensure delivery of quality services to the clients. The company incepted in 2011 by Arjun Kapur, and its headquarters are in New York.

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Arjun Kapur is an alumna of Johns Hopkins University where he graduated with a bachelor degree in a major in Economics. In addition, he is a holder of Master of Business Administration from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. During his days at the university, he held numerous portfolios such as the Co-President Venture Capital Club and Soccer. The success of GoBuyside is largely contributed to the wealth of experience Arjun Kapur have from the previous engagement. Before venturing into the Gobuyside, Arjun worked with individuals from different cultural affiliation across 40 cities including New York. As a result, he comprehends the importance of cultural diversification in the business. The model adopted by the GoBuyside has led to the organization in becoming New Yorks top global talent recruitment firm. In its approach, the organization has enabled its clients to get the best talents within the labor market. Through the model of the GoBuyside in recruitment, the clients are in a position to receive the best-qualified talent within the market at a relatively cheaper cost. Through the periodical publication of the information regarding the job market, it eliminates the information asymmetry within the field. Unlike using the traditional mechanisms of recruiting where the potential employer was directly involved, in the case of using the GoBuyside the client only gets the best qualified and talented labor force. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.