What You Probably Didn’t Know About Banyan Hill’s Freedom Checks Recommendation

Not long ago, financial newsletter publisher Banyan Hill made an announcement that people all over the US were now cashing in on an investment that had been uncovered several months before. The profits from this investment come from oil, natural gas and mining companies that have been set for a production boom thanks to new tax cuts as well as new initiatives to boost domestic production. This investment is known as freedom checks, and Banyan Hill’s article detailing the payouts people have been receiving from it show that some have received over $24,000, $160,000 and even more than $280,000, and it’s because it has some remarkable advantages that other investments don’t have. Read more about Freedom Checks at banyanhill.com.

The thing to know about freedom checks is that they aren’t really checks, though dividends they pay can be sent in the form of checks. But they got their name from Matt Badiali, an editor at Banyan Hill who is known for going out in the field to make his discoveries. He found out that freedom checks are what natural resource companies registered as master limited partnerships (MLPs) issue to their investors, and they can be invested in by just about anyone. The boom in production and profits is said to be reaching near $34 billion, and Badiali says MLPs pay out at least 90℅ of their income in these checks.

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Perhaps the biggest reason Badiali gave freedom checks their name is that investors who own them pay no taxes on them either for buying or owning. Can you imagine making over $100,000 in returns on your investment and not having the IRS collect any percentage of it? Because they’re classified as a return on capital and not a return on income, Badiali pointed to a loophole in the tax code that allows you to keep all earnings made from them. While certainly most people won’t see the extremely high returns that come to the top-performing companies and their investors, there is still enough to be had that buying into reputable MLP companies is worth it. Read this article at Money Morning.