Defection Is Only Part Of The Journey For Yeonmi Park


The well known story of Yeonmi Park’s escape from North Korea has been told once again with the release on Amazon of the memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom”. In a short space of time the defector from the communist nation has revealed the issues she faced along the journey to freedom beside her mother in a series of articles for respected publications and personal appearances all over the world.

Park did not slide away from the limelight after completing her journey from North Korea to the democratic South, but instead decided she should explain thru media like the Daily Mail UK just how her own life had been affected by her childhood spent under totalitarian rule. In her memoir Park has revealed how difficult life was for her own family headed by a government official, which included the daily threat of starvation for each and every member of society.

A single desperate decision taken by her father to feed his family led to Yeonmi Park and her family finding themselves homeless and destitute facing a future with little hope of escape; the family took the difficult decision to trust human traffickers with their lives in a bid to find freedom in South Korea. After crossing freezing waters separating North Korea from China, Park and her mother faced daily abuse at the hands of traffickers as they embarked on a journey of almost two years to find their way to South Korea.

Park also looks to shine a spotlight on the issues facing the people of North Korea who she feels are struggling beneath the problems caused by the communist leaders of the country; the role she has taken in opposition to the communist leadership has seen Yeonmi Park remain a target for those who remain sympathetic to the leadership of North Korea as her fight continues into the future.