Securus Technologies Uncovering Drugs in Jail

When me and my fellow corrections officers show up for work, we know we have to be watching each other’s back every minute we are inside the prison. If we were to turn our backs for a second, the inmates would have the upper hand and could really put us all in a very dangerous situation. Even when we work 60 hours a week, the inmates are still inside that jail longer than us and looking for every opportunity to make us suffer.


Most of the inmates are able to behave, but those with extended sentences tend to hold me and my fellow officers responsible for them being on the inside. If these inmates can get their hands on drugs, they become even more of a threat because they can easily over power several of us at the same time. That is why we spend so much time trying to keep all drugs out of our prison.


We spend time checking every letter that comes inside to the inmates, and we do surprise cell inspections around the clock. We have a strong presence in the visitor center, we even monitor their calls using the new Securus Technologies call system. This system utilizes the LBS software, and can detect certain verbiage and alert us to the trouble.


Once me and my fellow officers were able to understand the power of this software, we put it to the test. Call after call we began hearing things that alarmed us, but we were able to take action to make the jail safer. If an inmate talked about his family bringing drugs, we met them at the gate. if inmates talked about doing drugs, we raided their cells. No matter what we picked up, we would send a team instantly to try and eradicate the trouble before it out us in any danger.


The Outstanding Achievements Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leading convict communications and crime prevention technology firm located in Dallas, Texas. The company is currently providing its services to more than 3,450 incarceration facilities in the country, and its products and services are used by over 1.2 million inmates across the US.


The prime objective of Securus Technologies is to help lessen the challenges associated with the life of isolation led by the prisoners and also reduce the crime rate inside the prison. Through Securus, the inmates are given a chance to stay in close contact with their family, friends and the outside world. This opportunity instills a positive impact on their psychological health.


Over the years, Securus Technologies has spent a lot of funds in research and development of emerging technologies. So far, it has more than 600 patents to its name. On an average, Securus Technologies builds up and launches a new service weekly for the correctional sphere. The enterprise boasts of having one of the best customer call centers in the prison communication arena. Recently, the company won the Gold Stevie Award as the best customer support training group. The company offers services such as phone services, email messaging, video call services, video visitation, money transfer, kiosks, voicemail messaging, and photo services to the detainees.


Lately, Securus Technologies displayed a series of feedback in form of the letters written to the company by the law enforcement and crime prevention agencies. The letters confirmed how efficient and useful the law officials believe the Securus Technology services are. Besides, the feedback reveals how Securus assists them in their daily operations to arrest criminals and prevent crime.


Under the leadership of Rick Smith, the CEO, Securus Technologies is dedicated to providing excellent services that will improve the life of inmates and that of their family and friends. It focuses on developing equipment, software, and monitoring protocols that prevent crime and create safer prison environment.


Securus Technologies Puts Healt On GTL

In the even that GTL posted a myriad of negative comments about the company Securus Technologies, Securus Technologies has published an article that refutes all of GTL’s claims. They want the public to know that they do important work, and that the facilities that use their technology are very impressed with them. This is a way that Securus Technologies can do something about now, because litigation can take a long time to go through the courts.


They also are putting out a number of commercials, so that the public can become more aware of what they do. Also, they have invited them to a presentation at their headquarters, which is located in Dallas, TX. This presentation will allow them to see what the company is working on, and how it will benefit the facilities that will use it.


At Securus Technologies, they are constantly working on all different types of technology that ensure that the public is always safe. They work closely with the government on a variety of missions, and they are adept at handling the civil and criminal aspects of justice. They are in constant contact with over a million prisoners a year, and they use a variety of monitoring techniques. Every week, they are inventing new and better ways to protect the public. They are known for their work the world over, and all across the country they are in demand for their services. People will be even more impressed with what they can do in the future. Their goal is to make the world a safer place, and they certainly will do so.



Better Business Bureau Recognizes Securus

Securus Technologies recently announced the receipt of certification from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company also announced that it has received an impressive A+ rating from the Bureau. Securus’ Senior Vice President and head of operations Danny de Hoyos expressed his delight with the receipt of the accreditation. He added that his firm has worked hard and modernized operations in order to receive the certification. The accreditation proves that the company has met certain standards that are set by the Better Business Bureau.



Why Securus was Accredited


For a company to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, it must observe a number of regulations. It must first build trust and maintain a reputable track record within the industry. It should similarly advertise honesty by adhering to advertising and selling standards. Transparency is another condition that a company must observe so that it gets accredited. Transparency implies openness in the location, ownership, operations, and policies of a firm.


A company must also be responsive to the needs of the market. It should equally have the capacity to promptly address market disputes in a professional manner. Companies must also safeguard privacy to avoid mishandling and fraud. Personal information should only be collected when needed. Besides this, integrity must be embodied in the operations of a firm. Securus won the accreditation because it had observed the aforementioned requirements to the letter. The recognition means that the company’s operations are above board.


About Securus Technologies


The telecommunications company is based in Dallas, Texas. Since its establishment, it has grown rapidly to become one of the most prolific inmate communication services providers. Securus serves over 3000 law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies in North America. The company has a strong dedication to the provision of cutting-edge products and services to its clients. Securus Technologies is equally dedicated to observing its mantra, which is “connecting what matters”. For more info, click on