How Shafik Sachedina Is Providing Better Healthcare For The Masses

Shafik Sachedina is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who holds the position of joint chairman at Sussex Health Care. Sussex provides residential and nursing treatment for people with diverse ailments such as neurological issues, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. His leadership has seen the healthcare grow to 23 homes with over 500 beds. The house has great professionals who offer personalized care to each of their patients. Priority is based on medical care and nutritious food to ensure comfort and fast healing. Their patients are also engaged a lot in activities that interest them to ensure that they feel at home as much as they can.

Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania before moving to the United Kingdom for further studies. He enrolled at the Guy Medical Hospital in London where he studied medicine. After college, he went on to study Dentistry at the London Dental School. He practiced in various hospitals in the UK where he made a good name for himself for being among the best dentists. It is after this that he decided to settle in the United Kingdom and work with various healthcare companies to help people.

Out of the healthcare sector, Shafik Sachedina has been a significant force in advancing his Ismaili culture throughout the world. He is active in organizations that create awareness of Islamic culture in the UK and across the globe. He holds several positions in his philanthropy like the head of the department of the Jamati Institution. He is entrusted to oversee the smooth running of activities in their sixteen branches so that they can achieve their goals. In the past, he had the privilege of being the president of the Ismaili Council in the UK for two consecutive terms. In his volunteer work, he serves as a member of Aga Khan Development Network committee. The Aga Khan Foundation is a worldwide NGO that works towards empowering members of the Islamic community economically. Shafik Sachedina is a respected leader especially in the Ismaili community and has been in delegations to resolve conflicts in Afghanistan and Syria.


Tony Petrello Supports Neurological Research Center In Texas

Tony Petrello is a prominent business executive in the United States. He is one of the great minds of the country who have dedicated their efforts in making the American dream a reality. Petrello is in charge of an oil and natural gas drilling firm known as Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries is the biggest drilling company in the U.S. it has created employment opportunities for thousands of Americans in the country and even abroad. The company currently has ongoing drilling operations in 25 countries. Petrello is responsible for the growth in this company. Since he joined Nabors in 1991, it has been nothing else but splendid performance. As CEO of Nabors, he is behind some of the decisions such as acquisitions which ultimately led to the expansion of business operations in the company.

Tony Petrello has instilled a culture in the firm, where employees work for the benefit of the firm. His main role after joining this company was to streamline operations. To achieve this goal, he had to make everyone in the company understand what the company intended to achieve. By ensuring that the objectives of the company are known to everyone, it became easy to focus all the attention on business growth. Tony Petrello has kept his employees satisfied through good remuneration. To him, it is not just about the growth of the business but also the welfare of the employees working for it.

Away from the business side of Tony Petrello, he is a generous man. This can be seen through his philanthropic initiatives. He is not only interested in living the good life alone. He is trying to make the lives of others better by focusing on important initiatives which help in making changes in people’s life. One of the biggest achievements he has made so far in this area is supporting the development of a neurological research center for children in Texas. This facility has brought together the best doctors in the world to look for a solution to neurological disorders in children. The facility is located in Texas Children’s hospital. If the ongoing research work goes through, one of the beneficiaries will be his daughter- Carena. She suffers from a neurological disorder and is unable to do the basic tasks such as eating, walking or talking.

Tony Petrello has given $5 million to this research center which has gone to recruitment of top doctors. Together with his wife, they are optimistic that their efforts in supporting this cause will bear fruits and their child and many others will have a solution for their neurological medical problems.

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Marc Sparks Recommends Full Immersion In Work as an Entrepreneur

When one becomes an entrepreneur, he most likely enters an unfamiliar world. This is especially the case for entrepreneurs who were employees before. For one thing, the employee makes a certain amount of money on an hourly basis. He is almost guaranteed that amount of money. On the other hand the entrepreneur has to really work for his money. At the same time, he takes a lot of joy in the work he does. This is one of the reasons that a lot of people who try to be entrepreneurs do not go back to being an employee.


One challenge that an employee faces is focus. It can be hard for an employee to focus on what he has to do in order to make money. Therefore, they have to come up with solutions to their focus problems. There are a lot of factors that could interfere with the focus. Among the factors that could affect focus is the environment. Therefore, one must either make changes to the environment or else move to an environment that can help him focus better. The type of environment that can help one immerse himself into his work depends on the individual.

One entrepreneur that has worked on making adjustments to the environment so that he can work harder and help others focus is Marc Sparks. He is a serial entrepreneur that has worked on bringing forth new solutions to challenges that can make it easier for other entrepreneurs to reach their goals. Marc understands the importance of working diligently. Entrepreneurs can’t afford any distractions. Just one second of a distraction can take people a few minutes away from their goals. This is why it is important for people to be aggressive about setting their goals towards the success of their business and other activities.


Thor Halvorssen: Human Rights Hero

The Human Rights Forum, perhaps the largest, most celebrated event of its kind in the Human Rights field, gathers philanthropists, and major businessmen in Oslo, Norway once a year. They attend lectures and events in which human rights campaigners and dissidents from all over the world explain their causes. Many of them walk away with new-found backers from among the rich philanthropists.

This event, which some call the Davos of the Human Rights Industry, wouldn’t happen without Thor Halvorssen and his not-for-profit, the Human Rights Organization. Halvorssen’s organization employs twelve people and is based in New York.

Thor comes from a long line of Human Rights campaigners. His grandfather was a Norwegian diplomat who took a stand against the Nazis during World War II. He once allegedly even beat up a Nazi official. His father was a tireless anti-corruption campaigner who found himself thrown into a Venezuelan jail when he tried to reveal state corruption. His mother, meanwhile, was once shot as she protested against Hugo Chavez’s corrupt regime in the streets of Caracas. Luckily, his mother survived.

Although Thor is no fan of the people who run his country, he reserves special opprobrium for the Kim family, who run North Korea. The country, called “The Hermit Kingdom” in much of the western world, has been ruled with an iron fist by three generations of the Kim family. The North Korean people have suffered immensely under their clutches. In the 1990s, as the Kim went on a quest to fund a nuclear program, a famine swept through the country, reportedly killing millions of people.

The North Korean people today live cut off from the rest of the word. The few North Koreans who have managed to escape the country tell horror stories of their treatment by the regime and how little they know of the outside world.

Thor works to change that. He organizes groups that buy hot air balloons that carry Hollywood movies, South Korean newspapers, magazines, and banned books. They send the hot-air balloons over the border and release the packages over the North Korean countryside, where they hope people will find them.


Dick DeVos Charity News

Dick DeVos is the first male child of Richard DeVos. He is well known for his business and entrepreneurial skills. With his spouse Betsy Prince, they have four children. They have one grandchild. Their son works as a consultant. They are from Michigan although they have other houses in different places.
DeVos went to Havard University but graduated from the Northwood University. When he was young, he involved himself in businesses owned by his family. He could do simple tasks like greeting those people who were attending the meeting, speaking to the group and many other duties. This was an achievement to him.
Later he began to work with Amway Corporation. He held a position in different departments including, research, finance, marketing, manufacturing among others. After ten years, he became the vice president and was required to control the operation of eighteen countries. A great improvement was experienced. The company grew very fast. A comparison between the internal and domestic sales showed a great change. International sales had tripled domestic. This is due to the networks and markets had he had found. Before he left this position the company’s sales had improved by fifty percent the sales of a year.
After a period of nine years, DeVos went back to Amway and became the president after his father. After several years, he decided to restructure the company and established a new firm, Alticor Corporation. The newly structured company operated around fifty countries in different continents.
After his retire, Dick decided to venture into politics and other activities where he was vying for the governor position at Michigan. Among those people who ran for the governorship of that location, he was the richest; this is because he uses a huge sum of money for the campaign from his pockets. Despite the use of money, he did not win the elections.

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DeVos has a heart of giving. Dick is involved in charity work and fundraising campaigns. Devos is among the top five donors for the expansion, Kennedy Center. A bridge to be used by pedestrians connecting to the Kennedy Center is part of the project. New offices will be built, more space for dining created, educational spaces enlarged, among other things.
He has so many awards and honors. He Is a sailor and regularly gets involved in competitions. He has won the longest races in the fresh water. Lastly, DeVos is an aviator