The growth of OSI industries from a local food solution industry to a global company is an inspiration to many businesses. OSI Company has acquired other companies in the food industry to improve services. It has also been recognized with various awards for their excellence in delivering on their agenda. Part of the reason for such milestones is OSI leadership which has been vital in the acquisitions and partnership deals.

OSI organization only engage with companies that have similar objectives as it is evident with Baho food, Tyson foods, and Flagship Europe. These companies have become part of OSI industries’ successful chain of food processors. Through their acquisitions, the companies share resources to reach greater markets. A recent addition to the OSI family is Turi Foods through a 50/50 merger.

Turi food has been in business since 1976, providing Australian market with poultry products and other brands. The Australian based company is a family business and upholds quality, integrity, and trust to meet their customer’s needs. Turi Foods has been known for La Lonica, their original brand, Golden Farms Chicken, Montefiore, and Bannockburn Free Range chicken.

Turi Foods and OSI company merged on 4th May 2018 to become Turosi Pty Ltd. The merger just like other partnerships serves both companies. With Turi Foods strong background on Australian poultry farming and OSI industries scale, Turosi will be the beginning of a wide range of products set to change the marketplace.

The shared ownership will keep the Blacktown and Broadmeadows, Victoria; Eagle Farm, Queensland facilities open for manufacturing processes while they operate the Thomastown and Geelong plants. OSI industries and Turi foods culture align and has enabled a successful merge.

Sam Cuteri, the chairman of Turi foods, stated that the merger would bring expertise from both sides to build and come up with the best food solutions. Sam Cuteri was backed by OSI’s David McDonald stating that Turosi will better serve their customers through new and innovative ways. The merger also offers new opportunities to the two, already established companies. Grant Thornton followed the merger to the end to ensure it is solid enough to deliver on their new objectives.

Turi Foods, one of the biggest Australia Poultry processors and OSI industries, a global food solution will change the Australia marketplace. The merger will enable the processing of more products to meet the ever-rising demand for poultry products.