Organo Gold, What Makes Is So Special?

Chances are good that you might have heard about a special brand of products by a company called Organo Gold. Many people have questions about what makes this company and their products so special. For starters, a powerful vision mixed with first class products. Mixed together with careful sturing and this is a nice, hot cup of success. View Organo Gold’s profile on

The ideas behind Organo Gold all started in 2008 with a cup of coffee in Richmond B.C. Canada. Three employees had an idea. That thought process and the ideas that followed have become a global network marketing company that is helping to change peoples lives for the better by offering them amazing products and a great business opportunity.

Today the company offers beverages like coffee and tea as well as personal care products and nutraceuticals. These products are offered only from an independent distributor in one of over 50 countries world wide. So, what makes Organo Gold so awesome? In one word, it would be the key ingredient, Ganoderma. We know, you want to know what that big word is, right? Okay, simply put, it’s a form of mushroom. Now, it’s not just any mushroom. This Ganoderma has been used in China for medicine. It called the King of Herbs and the great people of China believe it has significant health benefits. A doctor named Dr. Shi-Jean Lee from the Mind Dynasty endorsed it’s use. The great news is that Ganoderma is in every product that is offered by Organo Gold.



As for the product line, the company has so many prodcts to offer. Gourmet Black Coffee, Cafe Moch, Cafe Supreme, Cafe Latte, Teas of Black, Red an Green. Organo Gold has a product for weight loss and even soaps and toothpaste. All of the beverages, body management and care prducts in some way use the Ganoderma. As for the business that goes with the products, it is easy to get involved and they have a low start up cost.

From looking at the products and the business opportunity it is easy to see why so many people are becoming involved in this successful direct sales opportunity and using so many of the products with growing success. The company has all the tools that a business owner needs to become successful and that includes an amazing product line that keeps growing. Since Ganoderma has been used for years in Asia, it is easy to see why people feel it has many benefits and enjoy the products from the first time they try them. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.