Roseann Bennett Is Helping Families Stay Together

Roseann Bennett, who happens to be one of the best family and marital therapists in America, recently released information on why so many marriages are failing today. According to Bennett, financial troubles are just a coverup for the real reason why marriages are failing. She believes the real reason is an education of the brain and brain diseases. Read more about Bennett’s philanthropic activities on Hackettstown Couple Offering Scholarships Local Students


Roseann Bennett believes that depression and anxiety are overtaking America in both men and women. However, Bennett does not believe spouses understand the effects depression and anxiety have on a marriage. Bennett has heard many people say they are getting divorced because their husband or wife is too depressed or too anxious.


After teaching couples and entire families how to handle depression by understanding a depressed or anxious person’s brain, Roseann Bennett has seen more and more families stay together.


Roseann Bennett is also the first therapist to institute distance therapy. Roseann Bennett’s distance therapy consists of articles, video chats, and daily text messages. However, she does not provide medication to any of her patients. She feels medication only makes matters worse. Go Here for more information.


After graduating college, Roseann Bennett opened a charity organization called Center For Assessment And Treatment. This center comes at no cost to patients, and Roseann’s organization exists solely on donations. However, Center For Assessment And Treatment has made a big impact in the New Jersey and New York area because Center For Assessment And Treatment led by Bennett, helps families for free, especially those with no insurance. Being that Roseann does not prescribe medication, her clients do not have to worry about large co-payments for medication.


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