Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis, MN

Within Minneapolis, Minnesota, there is a haven for everyone who needs to hear the Gospel. This is Mighty Fortress Church, and they are a dynamic congregation of believers who seek to live out their faith. The fact they have a church that seeks to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes it all the better. From their Youtube video, seen here, there are many good reasons why this could easily be your next church home!

“Can I get a witness tonight,” the pastor’s voice booms. “I’m coming out of what I’m in. Because the prophet broke something in the atmosphere.” The dynamic leadership of Bishop Thomas Williams is truly something to behold. But it is not nearly as dynamic as the presence of energy that is within the church. They realize that it only comes from the presence of God’s Holy Spirit, and Him alone. Read more on positivethefacts.com.

Even though Bishop Thomas William is indeed a dynamic speaker, he realizes that at the end of the day he is just God’s humble servant. On any given Sunday, he will gently admonish the crowd about the fact that he is not supposed to be an entertainer. They are there only to worship God and nothing else. This is the mark of a church with their priorities in order for sure.

This is also a church that has solid teaching. “God can give a word for you, He can give you a way out…but if you are not listening, it’s not going to happen.” The pastor often prays for the church to give them a new building, and in doing that he is also modeling faith in all things.

About Mighty Fortress Church

One of the great things about Mighty Fortress Church is that they desire for their influence to be much greater than just the greater Minneapolis area. They desire to reach people wherever and however they can. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

This is a church that is not formal and one where you can “come as you are.” They know that people need the Lord and that Christ himself took people as they were.

They are led in this endeavor by their pastor, Bishop Thomas Williams. He is a tireless servant of God who originally graduated from Rhema Bible Training Institute in Tulsa Oklahoma and has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul. He is the founding pastor of this church.

Visit: https://patch.com/minnesota/minneapolis/directory/listing/24545/mighty-fortress-church