Samuel Strauch and the Real Estate in Miami Beach

Samuel Strauch understands what it takes to be a profitable in real estate. He was born in 1973 and received his undergraduate degree in business from Hofstra University. He also continued his studies at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and at Harvard.

The real estate mogul has a true understanding of the business. He has the following traits that make him the one of the most powerful real estate person in the Miami area.

  • Looking at analysis reports and what they mean is a big advantage to the skills of the investor.
  • He is known by his clients to always be very professional when he is helping with their real estate investments.
  • Being open minded is a key component when being involved with clients and real estate.
  • Understanding the market and its ups and downs is necessary to succeed in the business.
  • Knowing the value of investments and what is best for clients is something Samuel Strauch has a keen knowledge of.

Samuel Strauch has all these traits and more, and that is why he understands that people and real estate go hand in hand when it comes to profit and satisfaction.

The investor not only has made a professional career but he also studies psychology and the life of living a positive life and the outcomes it has on people. Samuel Strauch believes multi-dimensional people are the nature of people and real estate.

Samuel Strauch has changed the way Miami Beach, Florida and real estate professionals work with clients and has raised the bar for others to follow.