Experience the Magic of Neurofeedback Therapy with Neurocore

Neurofeedback therapy can improve a number of brain-related ailments, including migraines, depression and ADHD. It is also beneficial for people who need to improve their mental performance in repetitive tasks or need to improve their focus. Finally, neurofeedback therapy can assist in promoting an overall sense of well-being and to regain control of harmful thought patterns. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Before undergoing a neurofeedback therapy session, the patient undergoes an EEG to determine baseline brainwave activity. A person’s brainwaves varies depending on the type of activity. Brainwaves of a person at sleep are markedly different than one who is in deep concentration.

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During a neurofeedback therapy session, the patient faces a computer screen with electrodes attached to patient’s scalp. The electrodes provide information regarding waves to a machine that analyzes the brainwave activity. Trained clinicians program the machines to reward patients for exhibiting certain brainwave frequencies. A patient exhibiting the brainwave frequency for alertness may be rewarded with pleasant music or artwork. The rewards disappear when the positive brainwaves Over a period of time, the brain is trained exhibits the desired brainwaves more frequently in response to the therapy.

Neurocore provides neurofeedback therapy by highly trained clinicians at an affordable price. The therapy is not painful and feels similar to an EEG. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Neurocare Creates Individualized Treatment Plans for Depression

Depression is a serious illness that affects millions of people every year. If the condition is not treated, there are serious consequences. Untreated depression can interfere with work and family life. Some patients suffer from depression for many years before seeking treatment. Long term depression has a devastating effect on relationships with friends, family and loved ones. Depression is more than just feeling a little down or blue. Depression is an overwhelming sadness, that impacts every aspect of a patient’s life.

It is extremely important to seek treatment for depression. Many seeking treatment are looking for innovative therapies to manage their condition. Patients look for treatment plans that will have a lasting, positive impact on their life and overall health. Therapy is one of the best methods to treat ongoing depression. Read more about Neurocore at muscletech.com.

Neorocare uses innovative therapy sessions to treat depression. Neurocare Brain Performance Centers help all patients with varying levels of clinical depression. They realize that many patients suffer from depression for several years. They take pride in developing treatment programs that have an immediate effect; reducing the overwhelming impact of depression.

Neurocare uses innovative techniques to evaluate the patient. In using an EEG test, they are able to track the electrical activity in the brain. By tracking the electrical activity, they can teach the brain to work within a specific range. The map of the activity in the brain is the foundation for the individualized treatment plan. This therapy dramatically reduces or eliminates the symptoms of depression. The experts at Neurocare also watch the patient’s heart rate and breathing while assessing the symptoms of depression.

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Through the utilization of Neurocare treatment sessions they can retrain your brain; thereby reducing the devastating symptoms of this disease. At Neurocare they don’t attempt to mask the symptoms of depression with a pill or drugs. Neurocare is devoted to retraining the brain so the patient can lead a happy, healthy productive life. Follow Neurocore on facebook.com.