Arjun Kapur Talks About The Challenges Of Running An Global Talent Firm

Running a business is a dream come true for many people. They want to create something of lasting value to the world. One person who knows that it is possible to create a going business that can thrive in the face of international competition is GoBuyside founder Arjun Karpur. Arjun Kapur has always relished the chance to show the world what he can do. Before he founded GoBuyside, he earned a degree in economics from The Johns Hopkins University. Then it was on to Stanford for an MBA. Since his undergraduate days, he’s wanted to create a company that can serve as a means to tap into the world’s pool of management financial talent. He knows that employees who can provide these services are employees who can ultimately help the company advance and see massive gains in the market. In a recent article, Kapur talks about a typical day in his life.

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One of the most wonderful things about running GoBuyside is that each day is different from the next. This is what he sees as part of the fun of being involved in the international talent recruitment scene. Every single day brings him new challenges and rewards. Many of his days at GoBuyside involve him attending meetings where he and his colleagues discuss what they can go to better serve the needs of their many clients around the globe. He’s always thinking about the next step. His goal is increase productivity and inspire team of experts. He tells others they should think about priorities. Creating a list of priorities helps him focus on each task and understand the timeline that lies behind it. This is how he has seen his company continue to grow. Proper attention to needs of his clients is his recipe for success.

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