Venezuela on the Edge of Turmoil

Venezuela Facing a Complete Economic Shutdown
Life in Venezuela seems to be getting much worse as the days goes by. Posts are flooding all over Facebook right now. All thanks to the economy and climate that is hammering most of the country.

Between the ongoing drought that plagues the country and a severe economic crisis, Venezuela, a country that is very rich in its oil reserves, is very much on the brink of an internal collapse and political unrest may not be too far may all of this.

According to analyst  Danilo Diaz Granados, the natural disaster that is the ongoing drought, which can be blamed for the El Nino effect, is making the man-made disaster of a collapsing economy much worse. The oil industry in the country has suffered from huge drops in the price of oil, losing several million dollars in profit over the course of the last year. Because of that, the inflation rate in the country is expected to reach around 720 percent later on this year.

Needless to say, the citizens of Venezuela are not happy about any of this and have given some of their input on the crisis. Many feel as though one random incident involving anyone on the political spectrum may push the country over the tipping point and straight into chaos.