Kevin Seawright: Newark’s Prodigy

Led by Kevin Seawright, Newark Community EDC, Newark CEDC is launching a new platform to embrace its latest business mission. Formerly known as Brick City Development Corp., they have moved over to a new corporation. They are looking to explore a citywide development strategy.

They are currently targeting small business by offering small business loans. They rebranded the company in hopes of furthering their reach and focus more on the neighboring community.

Kevin Seawright is currently Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and has been since 2014. Kevin works to help small business owners understand how to work with their financials, tax and credit reporting.

His company actually explains their client’s current status and aids them in getting to where they want to be. Newark CEDC uses other institutions to aid them in offering their clients the best services available.

Kevin believes that all businesses are important and does what he can to help them. He does not believe in helping just minority-owned businesses. Anyone with a good business plan can receive help from Newark CEDC, as long as they are also based in Newark. Kevin ensures that there are at least two people dedicated to helping the businesses of each ward.

They even offer a 12-week small business development course. Newark CEDC often loans out up to $25,000, but anything over that amount requires a partnership with another financial institution. Kevin believes that it is important for business owners to understand financial stability and have proper training.

Unlike many other institutes, Newark CEDC doesn’t just help owners open their businesses, but they try their best to ensure they’re successful. He also believes that the team around him is bettering the community and feels good about giving the community a voice.

Kevin has been working and using his financial expertise for over 13 years. He’s spent his entire career on the East Coast, working in places like Baltimore and Washington, DC. He’s saved the various companies he’s worked hundreds of thousands of dollars and earned them even more.