The Traveling Vineyard: Homebased Jobs for Everyone

Working at home is prevalent in the 21st century, but just a few decades ago, people thought that this idea is not possible. Today, there are so many ways on how people can earn a living in the comfort of their own homes, without the hassle of leaving their homes and dealing with different people as they go to their work place. One of the leading jobs today would be those that require skills in visual arts, writing, communication, and marketing. However, one job stands out, and people who are working at home are delighted to know that such job exists. The Traveling Vineyard is a company that gives a chance for full time homebased freelancers to earn a decent living just by hosting a wine tasting event inside their homes and place orders through their network. The Traveling Vineyard has a huge network of wine tasters and enthusiastic management staffs who are willing to train and help first timers in order for them to succeed.

There are so many testimonials posted on the Traveling Vineyard’s website, proving how a simple task can change the lives of others. What happens when somebody decided to join them is that they will be given a starter kit, which includes the wines and all the things needed for wine tasting event. They are also given their own titles, being a “wine guide”. And then, using the vast network that the Traveling Vineyard has, these wine guides has to connect with the huge network of wine tasters and hosts in order to push the event. Wine guides are also required to assist the hosts who are preparing for the event, usually taking place in the evening. They are also required to undergo training that would expand their knowledge regarding the wines and other products that they are selling. Wine tasters are invited to the event, and they can be from the public or someone that the host or the wine guide knows. After the event, the wine guide has to log all of the information about the even directly to the World HQ. If there is a wine order, the wine guides must also put it up on the log. After everything has been put inside the log, the job of the wine guide ends, and the World HQ will take care of the rest.

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