Peter Briger Takes Fortress Investment Group to Greater Heights

Fortress Investment Group is an entity that focuses on managing wealth while at the same time offering insights into investment. The firm has been operating for an extended period making it feature as one of the most prominent asset management organization in the United States. To date, Fortress remains as the market leader in asset management and Investment Company. However, the success of the entity can be attributed to some of its prominent leaders, Peter Briger.

Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group from other financial organizations and management boards where he had gained invaluable experience. Working in other entities, especially those in different fields helped Briger to understand different markets and the way such markets operate. When he was appointed as one of the management committee members at Fortress Investment Group, Briger had enough skills and competence to take the organization to greater heights. His experience in solving some of the significant challenges affecting the industry has helped him to prosper the company to another level where the entity seems to overcome the issues affecting other entities in the same industry.

The next aspect that proves to be essential for Fortress Investment Group is that Peter Briger has remained to one of the most influential and technically gifted financial analysts who can be able to understand the market and make the right decisions for the company. It is worth noting that entities working in the financial industry are prone to extreme uncertainty situations which can cause the company to lose its investment. However, Fortress Group relies heavily on Peter Briger who formulates and implements necessary policies that help the company to remain operational.

Lastly, Peter Briger is a gifted person who has the potential of seeing an investment opportunity and turning it to gold. His ability to negotiate have helped Fortress Investment Group to acquire assets at discounted rates while later selling such holdings at higher profits. Briger is highly respected at management levels of Fortress Group because he is geared towards improving the financial situation of the company by detecting cheap assets which have the potential to grow in value. The ability to help the company make profits on a constant basis is an important aspect that is accepted in many organizations.

Wes Edens The Reason behind the Success of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is amongst the biggest names in the financial world in the United States. The company now enjoys dominating position in the private equity and investment management world globally and handles the assets and investments of some of the top financial corporations. The results that Fortress Investment Group has provided under its founders, Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffmann, and Randal Nardone has been nothing short of extraordinary.Wesley Edens has been an asset to the team of Fortress Investment Group that was started in the year 1998 with about $400 million and has 30 employees. Today, the company is worth $72 billion and has more than 1200 employees working for them. Wesley Edens has years of experience in the investment industry, and it is because of him that the company has grown drastically in a few years.

Before co-creating Fortress Investment Group, he was a partner and also the MD of BlackRock Financial Management Inc. he was also once a partner and MD of Lehman Brothers but left it to start something of his own. Wes Edens has completed his graduation from Oregon State University where he studied B.S. in Finance. He handles the company’s private equity business that looks for investment opportunities in healthcare, media, real estate, financial services, transportation and other industries.It is due to their exemplary leadership and guidance that the company now manages assets of over $70 billion globally for nearly 1,750 clients and counting. The clientele of Fortress Investment Group continues to increase with time due to the overwhelmingly positive results it has been achieving for its clients. Managing assets and identifying positive investment options in the current economic situation is not as easy as it seems.

The clientele of Fortress Investment Group consists of corporations as well as high net worth individuals.Fortress Investment Group released its initial public offering as well in the year of 2007, which was underwritten by major financial corporations, namely Goldman Sachs and KPMG. At the time of its launch, Fortress Investment Group was the only private equity firm in the United States that was publicly traded. The volume of business that Fortress Investment Group has been doing has been growing at a steady pace, and the turnover of the last fiscal year was $1.1 billion with the net profit of $180 million. In the years to come, the profit is expected to rise consistently as the company is in the process of further diversification and introducing new products to its products portfolio.

Top-Notch Reputation — Madison Street Capital’s Impressive Path

Madison Street Capital provides professional guidance to organizations around the globe. The Chicago firm assists companies navigate complex transactions, make risky investment decisions and gain access to credit. MSC likewise provides organizations with merger consulting and company valuation services. Madison Street Capital reputation was attained by successfully helping different recognized companies.

Acquiring Credit

In mid-2014, MSC reported that it had given consultative administrations to an Illinois-based organization referred as Vital Care Industries. MSC assisted the medical items’ producer choose a recommendable lender and get a business loan. The CEO of Vita Care Industries was well pleased, and since the time, the firm has manufactured sterile medical supplies from 1984. Learn more:

Co-founder Identified

After a year, the National Association of Certified Valuators & Analysts chose the co-founder of MSC Anthony Marsala to take the 40 Under Forty honor. The program recognizes young business leaders who have impressive achievements entailing valuations, mergers, and similar endeavors. Marsala fills the position of chief operating officer at MSC where he exercises his skills in Master’s Degree and over 14 years of experience. Learn more:

Award Finalist

Amid the 2016 summer, Madison Street Capital won the M&A Advisor Awards from finance professionals. Usually, organizations get these renowned tributes when they set up note-worthy financing, restructuring, and acquisition of deals. Specialists selected MSC as the year’s best investment banking firm in addition to choosing the Chicago organization as a finalist that facilitated the most valued industrial merger estimated at $100 million.

Honor Winner

In January 2017, Madison Street Capital won a Turnaround Award where the distinction featured its part in 2016’s finest rebuilding exchange. The incentive estimated as $25 million where the company had to successfully deal with over 300 organizations to qualify for the annual award. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital has faith in building solid organizations within societies throughout the United States. Through devotion to the necessities of its customers and humanitarian help to associations such as the United Way, Madison Street Capital operates diligently to make a variation locally and globally among communities. United Way is situated in Alexandria, Virginia, and uses a national system, with the organization having devoted partners and a solid public engagement potential to enhance lives and mobilize communities. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital’s group of experts have remarkable learning, knowledge, and broad connections; making it one of the world’s debut center market investment financial organizations. In 2008, the firm started a 10-year program intended to enhance training, help different groups accomplish financial stability, and aid working families to become independent financially come 2018.

learn more here:


What The Winning Of The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award By Madison Street Capital’s Employee Means To Its Clients.

Recently the American business market community held their annual Gala event for the industry. In this Gala, the major players in the business market meet and interacted. There was also an awarding ceremony for the best young efforts in the business market for the year 2015. This awarding ceremony celebrates the top 40 business professionals in the market on different capacities who are under the age of 40. Among those who went home with a recognition award from the ceremony was Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala. Anthony Marsala is the Chief Operating Officer at Madison Street Capital. He was awarded The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award in this ceremony.

The winning of this much-coveted award at the annual Gala event brought a lot of celebrations to Madison Street Capital. Anthony Marsala, the winner, extended his gratefulness to the entire Madison Street Capital community for supporting him throughout his career. This is one of the most competitive categories of the award, and he says that he would not have won it without the support of his professional colleagues at Madison Street Capital.

Anthony Marsala further stated the winning of this coveted award by a Madison Street Capital employee proves the firms dedication to providing its market with unparalleled services. He further stated that Madison Street Capital is full of highly qualified staff whose sole motivation is the success of its clients. Anthony Marsala also said that he will work with his colleagues at Madison Street Capital to make sure that they offer them even better services. He said they will work to make sure that each of them is satisfied with the services they get. He says that their goal is to make Madison Street Capital the number one investment banking partner in the market.

Madison Street Capital is a small and middle market boutique investment banking firm that provides investment banking services worldwide. This firm engages in corporate financial consultancy, investments financial opinions, merger and acquisition, and business and investment valuation. Madison Street Capital serves both public and private firms in the market. This international investment boutique is prominent for facilitating the success of numerous firms in the market. This firm is also known for its superb customer handling and customer care services.

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