Jason Hope has formed his life and career in business and technology. Ever since his childhood, Hope has had a knack for technology. He envisioned technology as a tool with the potential of solving some of our modern day problems. According to him, we are currently living in that period where technology has and will continue to take charge of even our most inner aspects. He is particularly thrilled by the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT). He says it has the potential of changing the world tremendously.

Born and schooled in Arizona, Hope was fortunate to get a good education which he partly owes to his current success. He enrolled and later graduated with a finance degree and then an MBA from the universality of Arizona. Jason Hope is a man of many trades. He has developed a niche for himself as an investor, futurist, tech guru and philanthropist.

Technology has seen him identify and nurture budding young tech entrepreneurs. He has been able to select young and brilliant ideas through his website. The selected students are then helped to grow their ideas into meaningful and impactful business. He attributes strong concepts to those which are simple, communicated to a few close people, gets positive criticism and then worked on thoroughly to make them a reality. This simple notation is what he has carried with him in his business journey.

For instance, he tells young entrepreneurs that social media gigs and internet marketing offer a perfect launching pad into the business world. If skills and abilities are nurtured and enhanced, then it makes it quite easy to kick-start a career.

Being a businessman and having loads of other stuff to do, Jason Hope has made good use of the ASANA computer software that helps him manage his activities. It also gives him the opportunity to manage his various projects with ease. Proper networking, keeping close contacts and adequate task management has helped him a great deal.

Not technology alone takes his time; Jason Hope is also interested in philanthropy and medical technology. His philanthropic desire has seen him donate a huge chunk of his wealth towards anti-ageing research programs. He has long believed that through advanced medical technology, conditions such as Parkinson disease and other age-related conditions could be cured. To this effect, he has funded SENS Foundation who have dedicated their time and resources to finding a breakthrough in fighting ageing medical conditions through technology.

Jason Hope info: medium.com/@jasonhope

Jason Hope and Anti Aging Research

The world is better when we have futuristic thinkers, doers, and innovators. From their inventive minds and insights, they are helping to make our world a better, healthier place to grow. Mr. Jason Hope is just such a person, who is an auspicious businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Jason funds and supports many medical research endeavors which focuses on anti-aging platforms. Mr. Hope has partnered with the world-famous SENS Research Foundation of Mountain View, California. He and the non-profit SENS Research Foundation are working together to reverse the aging process, not just for individuals to look younger, but to defeat the diseases and illnesses that take peoples live too early.

The SENS name stands for anti-aging hope. The acronym for SENS is ‘Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.’ Jason Hope has always had an interest in medical research, smart computer systems, and the medical field as whole. SENS and Jason Hope are talking to and educating the international science community, governments, the medical industries, pharmaceutical firms, biotech firms and other medical entities around the world about the damage that anti-aging diseases have on aging individuals. Jason supports anti-aging techniques like devices that are Internet connected to help the elderly in their daily lifestyles. Mr. Hope spurs-on research endeavors and hosts conferences focusing on age-related diseases and regenerative solutions.

Scottsdale, Arizona is where Jason Hope calls home, having grown up in Tempe. He graduated with a finance degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Unbelievably, Jason’s initial work career began in the telecommunication industry, not in the medical industry. He continues to support other philanthropic causes with funds that are aimed at helping orphans, celebrity foundations, medical societies, and humanitarian organizations like the International Family Health agency and the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Jason Hope provides grants to high school and college age students who are seeking to pursue a career in IoT, interactive technology, CIS, bio-technology, space exploration, and whoever needs a helping hand in seeking the breakthroughs to enhance our tomorrows. Jason Hope is also an active member of an Arizona science center called The Director’s Circle and he is a full-time supporter of the Genomics Research Institute – the TGen Foundation.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/jason.r.hope