Adam Milstein On The 70th Anniversary Of Israel

Adam Milstein is an individual who has made his mark in real estate investment. However, he is a lot more than just a real estate professional. He also has made perhaps an even more notable mark in the field of philanthropy related to Jewish-American causes. He has written many important articles, including his latest one, entitled “Why Americans are celebrating Israel’s 70th.” In this piece, Adam Milstein notes the common bond between the two nations.

First of all, this common bond actually goes back centuries. John Adams, the second U.S. president, once wrote that he wished the Jews could have an independent nation. Even though this did not occur until a hundred and forty-seven years after he left office, the reason he wished for them to have an independent state is because the Jews have shared many of the ideals of the United States. This would include such things as religious freedom, tolerance, Democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and Judeo-Christian values.

Milstein writes that another reason why Americans are celebrating Israel 70 years later would be because both of these countries are committed to changing the world. The US is a facilitator of life-changing inventions, and Israel is known as the first-ever stable democracy within the Middle East. Because Israelis enjoy the same type of freedoms that Americans do, Israel has also become known as the start-up nation in the Middle East – more original companies have started from Israel than in any other part of the region.

Adam Milstein is also quick to point out that both of these countries are recognized as a “melting pot.” For example, the Jews have a spread out to every corner of the globe for thousands of years. They have spread their ideas to every corner of the globe as well. America may have been the first “melting pot”, but Israel is carrying on that same crucial tradition in the Middle East today.

Adam Milstein is proud to be an Israeli-American philanthropist, an Israeli-American activist, and a successful businessman in the United States. As long as there is a breath in him he will continue to fight for the Jewish principles both within the United States and in his mother country of Israel.

Thor Halvorssen: Human Rights Hero

The Human Rights Forum, perhaps the largest, most celebrated event of its kind in the Human Rights field, gathers philanthropists, and major businessmen in Oslo, Norway once a year. They attend lectures and events in which human rights campaigners and dissidents from all over the world explain their causes. Many of them walk away with new-found backers from among the rich philanthropists.

This event, which some call the Davos of the Human Rights Industry, wouldn’t happen without Thor Halvorssen and his not-for-profit, the Human Rights Organization. Halvorssen’s organization employs twelve people and is based in New York.

Thor comes from a long line of Human Rights campaigners. His grandfather was a Norwegian diplomat who took a stand against the Nazis during World War II. He once allegedly even beat up a Nazi official. His father was a tireless anti-corruption campaigner who found himself thrown into a Venezuelan jail when he tried to reveal state corruption. His mother, meanwhile, was once shot as she protested against Hugo Chavez’s corrupt regime in the streets of Caracas. Luckily, his mother survived.

Although Thor is no fan of the people who run his country, he reserves special opprobrium for the Kim family, who run North Korea. The country, called “The Hermit Kingdom” in much of the western world, has been ruled with an iron fist by three generations of the Kim family. The North Korean people have suffered immensely under their clutches. In the 1990s, as the Kim went on a quest to fund a nuclear program, a famine swept through the country, reportedly killing millions of people.

The North Korean people today live cut off from the rest of the word. The few North Koreans who have managed to escape the country tell horror stories of their treatment by the regime and how little they know of the outside world.

Thor works to change that. He organizes groups that buy hot air balloons that carry Hollywood movies, South Korean newspapers, magazines, and banned books. They send the hot-air balloons over the border and release the packages over the North Korean countryside, where they hope people will find them.


Thor Halvorssen Exposes Human Rights Violations

Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, has created a mission to spread universal human rights around the world to even some of the most oppressed regions around the world. The Human Rights Foundation is a ten year old endeavor that is currently located in New York City, the center of international diplomacy. Thor Halvorssen has been fighting for human rights for over two decades as he is a multicultural individual with both Venezuelan and Norwegian blood in him. As both his parents were human rights activists, Thor Halvorssen was inspired to follow this path of being both brave and selfless. Some of the initiative of this foundation includes freeing political prisoners, giving on-ground education in closed societies, as well as giving individual rights seminars on Capitol Hill. As a non-profit organization, this foundation is focused on pursing universal rights for all. The Human Rights Foundations has received many generous donations from individuals, corporations, as well as from other foundations.

Some of the real world initiatives that this foundation is focused on in present day includes ending women’s violence in Pakistan, Freeing the prison, Liu Xiaobo, as well as freeing RCTV. The advocacy campaigns that have been created by the Human Rights Foundation raise not only awareness, but also raise support and create missions for the entirety of the supporters of this endeavor. As a dedicated human rights activist, Thor Halvorssen has been beaten and imprisoned numerous times. From first hand experience, Mr. Halvorssen knows exactly how dangerous closed-off societies are to individuals.

In addition to promoting human rights, Thor Halvorssen and his team are also dedicated to exposing dictatorships. In recent news, Mr. Halvorssen and his foundation spoke out against Nicki Minaj who made a trip to the oppressive country of Angola to perform. Angola is a country that is notorious for taking away the rights of humans and for encouraging slavery. Other celebrities that Thor Halvorssen has set out to expose for speaking in oppressed countries include Hilary Swank, Kanye West, as well as Jennifer Lopez who have all been paid to speak or sing in these countries.


Conservative Slips Up on George Soros Infiltration

James O’Keefe who is a conservative activist has exposed himself as someone who is trying to infiltrate George Soros’s group. How he managed to expose himself was that he failed to hang up the phone according to a report. An audio was release that involved O’Keefe placing a call to the Open Society Foundations. He has identified himself as Victor Kesh and then failed to hang up the phone. Later bits of audio have revealed him talking about his plans to infiltrate Open Society Foundations. As a result, his attempts have failed and George Soros is definitely on to what he is doing.

George Soros himself is someone who is involved in economy, politics and other issues that could influence the different countries. He is definitely very observant about the way the refugees are being handled because of the different crises in the world. He has definitely seen patterns of a crisis. He has compared the current crisis to that of 2008. Among the issues that he has dealt with are the issues of the Ukraine and Russia conflict. One thing that he has noticed is that a new Ukraine is starting to emerge and Russia is fighting hard against it. This new Ukraine would keep the rulers accountable for their conduct.
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O’Keefe as Kesh has used the conflict as an alibi to contact George Soros. During the call, he can be heard telling someone not to say anything before he hangs up. He is then heard talking about his plans during the message for 10 minutes. Given that George Soros is a rather prominent figure that talks about the affairs of different countries, it is only fitting that someone is going to try to infiltrate that. George Soros is definitely looking at the affairs in the European Union. For one thing, he has seen that the way the crisis that started with Greece was handled wasn’t adequate. He described it as pushing a ball up the hill, only for it to roll back down. As a result, the problem has become a lot worse, and things don’t look all that promising for the European Union.

With the infiltration plan on, the voicemail was forwarded to Chris Stone. He has given a lot of ridicule on such a clumsy attempt. The guy that tried to scam him was compared to the Watergate Burglars with the claim that they look much more foolish than the burglars. For one thing, they don’t seem to know how to use the Internet. Fortunately, George Soros is spared from a scam if for no other reason than stupidity.

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Human Rights Foundation: A Vision Of World Freedom

Established in 2005, the HRF (Human Rights Foundation) began staging crusades to immobilize the forces against human rights. The nonprofit is an unbiased organization on a mission to liberate society from the forces that stand for injustice and inequality. Largely, the HRF strives for global liberalism and freedom. The organization’s commitment to put the word out there remains a foremost priority. HRF continue to identify influences and vulnerabilities corrupting society.

Where does HRF stands on democratic socialism? Founded by Venezuelan film industry tycoon, Thor Halvorssen-Mendoza, the HRF has staged numerous showcases to embrace democratic socialism and liberalism worldwide. The HRF promotes sound strategies, economic and social values with the hope of giving society a voice. With this, it’s made considerable progress in aiding the government to reform policies. The aim is to ensure ordinary Americans enjoy equal opportunities to improve social democracy and global economic conditions. Among events and conferences, it’s funded include North Korea CFF (College Freedom Forum), OFF (Olson Freedom Forum), HNK (Hack North Korea), etc.Whatever donations the New York-based nonprofit receives, it funds needed investigations and research into improving global societies. The annual OFF conference held in Norway, the HRF gets an opportunity to gather reasonable funding. Many of the donors are noble U.S. and Scandinavian societies, including the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Amnesty International Norway, Ny Tid, Fritt Ord, etc.

Thor Halvorssen, organization’s founding father has been a human rights advocate since 1989. At the time, he operated out of London and spearheaded an uprising against an ongoing South African segregation. It had a foothold in the nation, resulting in social, economic and racial divide among countrymen. Amidst presenting the HRF as president, Halvorssen originated a collection of other human rights factions. A sampling includes the Centipede Children, the OFF, On Own Feet and he’s a donor of Children’s Peace Movement in Prague.

Halvorssen influences global communities and is popular for pieces featured in the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), GQ, The Economist, the NYTimes, Foreign Policy, TIME Magazine, etc. Additionally, he’s been featured on major TV networks, MSNBC, CNN, HBO, Fox News, BBC and more. He graduated UPenn (University of Pennsylvania) Magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa as a history/political science major. Additionally, he holds a seat among the Human Rights Foundation board directors. The organization has aided governments in reaching a course of justice by intervening in high-profile international cases abusing human rights. In addition, it’s procured solid evidence to support Truth Commissions hearing.