Sussex Healthcare of England

Health Care Services

Sussex Healthcare has more than 20 facilities with over 25 years of dedication located within the United Kingdom. The first facility opened in 1985, with efforts to focus on care for people with physical, neurological, and mental disabilities. As their health services continue to expand, the primary focus is to give patients multiple outlets of therapy and leisure, as well as provide quality care through social and recreational activities. In recognition of their outstanding patient care, Sussex Healthcare earned best Health Quality Service in 2002 and International Standard in 2005.

Adult and Senior Care

Both young and elderly adults receive accommodations within the residential health care facilities. Elderly facilities have physiology and 24-hour nursing assistance. Elderly patients have access to quality assisted living including daycare, respite care, holistic care, sensory rooms, and hydrotherapy pools. In contrast, young adults with neurological and development issues have speech, language, and physiotherapy assistance. They also have access to luxurious spa pools and multisensory rooms. Visit Job Medic to know more about Sussex Healthcare.

Staff and Facilities

Continued education and extensive training are keys to success for Sussex Healthcare facilities. Nurses understand that quality of life is more than the management of their patients’ overall health. They know the importance of encouragement, so patients remain active during their stay. Providing exceptional hospitality is of grave importance to the staff in each affiliated facility. Each addition to the team is screened to ensure their passion for delivering the same quality of health care.

To ensure exceptional service, Sussex Healthcare enhances their facilities and staff through up-to-date, innovative technology and professional development. Sussex Healthcare continues to expand the number of their facilities and offer the best care possible to their disabled population. As they continue to promote wellness and quality of life, they extend their 24-hour care affiliated facilities that share the same vision.

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Mark Mofid, Perfecting Gluteal Augmentation

Thanks to celebrities and social media, gluteal augmentation has become just as popular as breast augmentation. Sadly, society’s impossible standards and the pressure to look flawless has lead to botched surgeries and even death. Gluteal augmentation is generally performed using implants, your own body fat or other substances. Whether you are having a surgical procedure or injections, it’s essential that you consult with a trained professional. Mark Mofid is one of those individuals and is a plastic surgeon based in San Diego, CA. He is focused on educating his peers through his innovative research when it comes to this potentially dangerous procedure.

Mark Mofid specializes in all aspects of aesthetic surgery however, he is determined to perfect gluteal augmentation. If a patient requests implants, Mofid will only place intramuscular implants. Those who push for larger implants will only be turned down by the doctor. Mark Mofid cares more about the risk of complications then he does about a patients wish for fame. The larger the implant, the higher rate of malposition, palpability and incisional separation. Fat grafting has become a more popular way to augment the buttocks and is safer with little recovery time

Mark Mofid started performing these procedures eight years ago. He immediately became frustrated with silicone implants to augment the buttocks. He began to design his own implant for Implantech that solved two of the most common problems. His implant made it easier for intramuscular positioning, resulting in a more proportional look.

Mofid is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Harvard University. It was at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where he completed his medical degree. He strives to provide his patients with personalized care from the consultation to the recovery period. His offices are located in Chula Vista and San Diego, where he will carefully evaluate your concerns. He performs reconstructive surgery including: facial reconstruction, post-trauma facial injury repair, post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, skin cancer removal and microsurgery. He has written several publications that have been featured in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal.