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Renovia Inc is a world-renowned company that is in the forefront of fighting pelvic floor disorders that affect millions of women globally. The firm focuses on the development of first-line digital therapeutic and diagnostic devices that will go a long way in helping combat pelvic floor disorders. The firm as parts of its expansion strategy in product development closed a 42.3 million dollars financing deal that comprised of a Series B equity financing of 32.3 million dollars and a venture debt of about 10 million dollars. The funds will be directed to support Renovia’s numerous projects that are at initial stages including clinical trials and corporate development among others.

At the heart of the Series B financing was Renovia’s longtime funding partners Perceptive Advisors, Longwood Fund and the Missouri based Ascension Ventures. Other funding partners who ensured the funding was a success included Inova Strategic Investment, OSF Ventures, and Cormorant Asset Management among others. BayCross Capital Group which is a leading investment advisory firm provided advisory services to Renovia.

Marc Beer who serves as Renovia’s company Chairman and CEO in a statement said the firm was honored to have received funding from the top investment companies in the healthcare industry all of whom share in the firm’s vision of improving the treatment and diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders that affects millions of women across the world. According to Beer, the funding partnerships with both the existing and new investors are of great significance since it is aligned with the firm’s clinical and commercial vision. Besides the funding, the firms will realize immense benefits as a result of their combined innovative and proprietary sensor technologies that will go a long way in ensuring that firm’s clients get valuable data on new treatment options, a better understanding of the disorder and ultimately lower the healthcare cost. Renovia since its inception in 2016 has been of the forefront inventing products and therapeutic diagnostics devices that have helped to positively impact the lives of millions of women suffering from pelvic floor disorder globally. Renovia boasts of its FDA approved device that can isolate and direct optimal motions of the levator plate. The tool designed with a state of the art patient centered app together with data management technology that helps provide patients with precise and cost-effective treatment of the disorder in real time. Learn more:

At the center of Renovia’s Funding is Marc Beer who is the firms founding partner and currently serves as Chairman and CEO. Renovia was established in the year 2016. The other founding partners of Renovia are Ramon Iglesias, MD and Yolanda Lories. Marc Beer who is a bio-technologist by profession is a startup enthusiast who has participated in the formation of various companies such as ViaCell that he founded in 2000.


Here’s How Southridge Capital Earns So Much Money

“Do [fewer] deals and focus on cash instead of return [on investment],” says Mr. Stephen Mr. Hicks, the exclusive member of the group of founders of Southridge Capital. Hicks is the CEO of Southridge, a company founded in 1996 that is still based in Ridgefield, Connecticut, a wealthy suburban area in the southeastern portion of Connecticut that complements Southridge Capital’s operations – and pocketbook – well.


How do most investment firms make money?


When held by itself, virtually all currency on plant Earth devalues over time. No reasonable person aiming to maximize their wealth would hoard their money in cash or cash equivalents; rather, they’d stow away their liquid assets in the form of financial instruments.


While financial instruments do include currency, the instruments most standard investment firms dabble in are stocks of large, public companies and bonds. These are safe investments that won’t vanish – poof – into thin air unless a company is involved in a massive fraud scandal like Enron was nearly 20 years ago.


Virtually all investors who do not have high incomes and lofty net worths choose to store their money in the hands of financial advisors, small-time portfolio managers who exclusively serve local clients, and other generally-safe bets.


Conversely, how do most alternative asset management companies generate revenues?


By definition, alternative asset management firms are many times riskier than their plain, vanilla counterparts talked about above. Southridge Capital’s investors have never taken home a loss after just one year’s worth of placing non-ownership equity shares in businesses around planet Earth that are not yet large enough to go public.


Let’s use Southridge Capital as an example of how alternative asset management entities make more money than their traditional counterparts. Southridge Capital’s largest expense is related to evaluating companies to invest in that virtually nobody has heard of. While stocks and bonds are popular – financial statements of publicly-traded companies let investors know everything they need to know about those particular companies – the entities Southridge invests in doesn’t have them. This is a riskier strategy than traditional investment managers; it’s well worth it if companies like Southridge Capital exercise due diligence in checking out such companies beforehand. You can follow their Twitter and Facebook page.


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MB2 Dental is Serious About Effeciency and Quality

MB2 Dental offers nothing less than the very best. They strive to cover every and all services needed in order to run a dental business smoothly and successfully. MB2 Dental offers accounting and finance services, credentialing, human resource services, compliance and IT services, billing and collections, marketing, procurement, recruiting, business development, and training.

MB2 Dental will keep your office ruining the way that it should and offers updated and advanced technology to integrate into your business. Service that they provide includes Custom A/V, data management, hardware installations and upgrades, backup disaster recovery, network solutions, and telecom and data services just to touch on a few.

They also offer credentialing to ensure that affiliations with provider insurance companies will accept third-party reimbursements quickly and easily. Their human resource department handles employee growth, employee wellness, motivation of employees, and ensures that payroll, talent acquisition, benefits, compensation, and everything in-between are all taken care of.

Recruiting’s another task that is handles by MB2 Dental. Their recruitment team will fill your empty positions with capable and pleasant employees and you do not have to go through the pain of finding the right people for the job. Only the most talented applicants will be considered and you can spend your valuable time on other areas of business. MB2 Dental also offers training to new staff and will ensure that they have all the skills to complete the tasks at hand.

MB2 Dental was founded by a dentist and partners of the company are investors, shareholders, and entrepreneurs too. The business model that MB2 Dental follows is anything but typical and when you join the team, you get the benefit of all the doctors that come with your membership to the company.

When the dentist is able to focus more on the issues of their patients, the patient ultimately gets better care. It is the job of MB2 Dental to ensure that all of the behind-the-scenes are taken care of so that the primary focus lies with the patient and not the running of the business. MB2 Dental handles all the mundane tasks at hand.

Michael Burwell Is The Relentlessly Positive New Chief Financial Officer Of Wilson Tower Watson

Michael Burwell is the Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson, and he believes that one of the best things that people can do to in life is to listen intently to others. He works his hardest at being present, in the moment, when he is communicating with people and feels this is the best way to truly get to know someone. When someone in his company has what could be the next great idea, he works to ensure that it gets looked at so it doesn’t simply vanish without ever of having the chance to see the light of day.


Michael Burwell has always worked with companies to get more from less, and he is a believer of technology and how it can help people to become more productive. Coming from this place, he always shares apps with others that he has found useful in his life, and he also tries to find out what apps they use to help them out. When it comes to finding success, Michael Burwell believes that being relentless and positive are two important traits that always help.


During the month of August in 2017, Willis Towers Watson made an announcement that Michael Burwell would be taking over its Chief Financial Officer. With more than three decades of experience in the financial services industry, he took over for the former Chief Financial Officer of the company, Roger Millay, who voluntarily retired. Burwell has served the companies he has worked for over the years in different roles, and many of them have been financial roles where he has taken up a leadership position. Burwell also has worked as an auditor as well as a transaction services advisor who has worked with valuation and pre-merger due diligence.


Michael Burwell studied at Michigan State University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration. He is also a certified public accountant and was given the title of Alumnus of the year in 2010 by Michigan State University. He worked with Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. (PwC) for many years and served the company as a business advisor. In the late 1990’s, he took over in a leadership role for the company’s central U.S. transaction business, and he became its Chief Financial Officer in 2009 as well its Chief Operating Officer in the United States. Before his current role as Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson, he served as the Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation for PwC. Visit This Page to learn more.




The impact of Davos Financial Group

A leader in his field, David Osio has been impacting the business world for many years. A graduate for the Catholic University Andres Bello, Osio has completed years of study in international law. In the early 80’s he ventured out to start his own career becoming the President of OPED Enterprise. This company is responsible for many of the nations top coffee export programs. He has held high positions at a number of other major companies and has had a major impact on them.

Osio’s career took a turn in the mid 1980’s. He became a part of the law firm MGO in Caracas. It was here that Osio was responsible for dealing with corporate clients such as Ferro Corporation and Consolidated Bank. His knowledge of the law and career experience as a legal advisor are reasons he gained a top position with Banco Latino International in Miami. During his stay with Banco, Osio was responsible for seeing a noticeable increase in the companies portfolio including a growing presence internationally.

After years working for major companies, Osio decided to start his own venture in 1993. It was during this time he created the Davos Financial Group of companies. This group was the first from Venezuela to provide financial advice for a very select clientele. In just a short time, Osio has been able to tremendously grow his company and lead it to great success. Osio has served as the CEO and expanded the business to serveral major cities including Miami, New York and even Panama.

Davos Financial Group prides itself on developing companies that that offer tailored services matching the specific needs of their unique clients. With agreements with several different banks, this company has a very diverse and versatile portfolio. Osio and his companies also pride themselves on philanthropy and giving back. Over the years Osio has supported groups like MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra). Furthermore he and his companies support international foundations, such as the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. Overall Osio’s contributions to the business world and have been great. He continues to be a great leader who will have an impact for years to come.

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