Fabletics, the Nirvana of Athleisure

Amazon is the fastest growing retailer in America right now much smaller companies like Fabletics are giving it a run for its money. Fabletics is an athletic/leisure or athleisure wear company that growing by leaps and bounds. It started out with only an online presence in 2013 and now it sells via ecommerce and in brick & mortar stores in Hawaii, Florida, Illinois and California. In 2018, it plans to open even more retail stores.


Even before opening these new stores, Fabletics had a firm hold on the marketplace in which the Fabletics customer belongs. The co-founders, Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg have created a brand which appeals directly to today’s fitness oriented, active woman. They offer fashionable styles made of quality fabrics and sold for reasonable prices, something that once was missing.


Now, by getting to know, to truly understand their customer, Fabletics has a timely brand that consistently stays ahead of the trends and brings timely looks to the marketplace. By using brand recognition with a spokesperson like Kate Hudson, Fabletics is sure to capture the attention of their young to slightly older customer who strives to look her best. Add other top names such as Demi Lovato and even more women turn to see what the hoopla all about. Everyone wants to know what Demi Lovato is excited about in active wear. When they see it’s something that looks great, fits great and is affordable they too want to look like Demi Lovato and Kate Hudson in their new Fabletics ensemble.


Growing Fabletics to $250 million since 2013, Fabletics has performed a mini fashion miracle. They used a mixture of ecommerce, membership dynamics, fashion forward designs and purse friendly prices to get loyal groups of active women across the world to frequent their website on a monthly basis. By joining Fabletics VIP’s, each member is entitled to frequent discounts and the first look at looks they have indicated an interest in. Member pay 49.95 each month which is applied toward the purchase price of a Fabletics outfit or the membership fee can be canceled by the fifth of each month and the fee saved.


Members love the opportunity to be catered to, much like a personal shopper. Everybody loves being pampered, especially when the shopper has studied your likes and dislikes, so they know what would appeal to you. Fabletics has found the perfect spot to fit in. Fabletics has given their customer the attention of a virtual personal shopper, great fashion forward styles and affordable prices. Their customer has found Nirvana.