Louis Chenevert And Why He Left United Technology Corporation

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technology Corporation(UTC), Louis R. Chenevert has retired as of November 2014. Leaving behind a extremely successful company.


Before UTC


For his educational background beforehand entrepreneur Louis first received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in production management from the “Université de Montréal”, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC) and an Honorary Doctorate from the “University of Montreal”. Louis spent 14 years at General Motors gaining experience than serving as Production General Manager of General Motors’ St. Therese operation. Than he joined Pratt and Whitney through 1993 until april of 2006 where he then joined UTC.


Chenevert Time At UTC


The idea for UTC came because of the drive to create products that could change people’s lives because of this drive they have continuously been creating technology that has been changing the entire way we think of things now.


When Louis was at UTC the focus was on operational talent and engineering. They wanted something that could exceed what the customer wanted. To do that they had small teams and operational leadership teams that got all the necessities needed to achieve their objectives.


When he was working there one thing he made sure to do was to ignore the idea of outsourcing. Instead of moving to countries that would work for cheap he did the opposite he chose to move it to the United States. He believed cheap pay is the equivalent of receiving cheap products.


The corporation became very successful even with the hardships that were gone through to get it to the standard it was at.


Why Would He Want To Leave?


There was no big scandalous reason behind him retiring his position. There was no bad reputation held by UTC or any big commotion caused by Louis. He simply decided that he wanted to live a semi- retired life and have some extra time. So he can now enjoy his life just a little bit more than before and experience new passions and behind him he left the highly successful company of United Technology Corporation.



Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Site has Helped to Change the Dating Scene

The dating scene has been around for a short amount of time and it has changed significantly throughout the years. Traditionally, dating takes place between a man and a woman. Usually, the male takes the first move and initiates an encounter with a female. She can then either accept or reject his advances. This style of dating is something relatively new in the history of mankind. In the past, people usually were usually given a spouse through an arranged marriage. These marriages were more for financial reasons and love had very little to do with anything. By the 17th century people slowly started to connect with each other by being able to choose the type of person they wanted to be with. This trend continued for hundreds of years. By the 1950s the dating scene as we know it was born. By the 1960s people were dating each other on a frequent basis.

Once the 70s and 80s rolled around, dating was social norm. Dating evolved through the 90s and by the 2000s people were now online trying to find romance. Online dating became a culturally norm during the 2010s. By 2018, a new female-first dating site named Bumble emerged.Whitney Wolfe created Bumble in 2014. She made this site to be a female-first online dating spot. Users could register on the site and women would have to initiate the conversation. Women would be the ones to approach a man and not the other way around.Whitney Wolfe designed the site to be this way. This young, beautiful and dynamic CEO was a creator of the dating site Tinder. She helped the site to become an online dating giant.

However, Wolfe had to leave this site because of sexual and gender issues she faced during her employment with the Tinder organization.She won a million-dollar settlement from her past issues with Tinder. She then took the money and used her connections to start Bumble. Her site is now a big hit in the online dating world. Whitney Wolfe is now considered a top CEO and she is also a married woman. She no longer available for the dating scene since she married her husband Michael Herd. However, Whitney Wolfe has a team of bright young available women to help promote and develop her site.

OSI Industries: One Of The Longest Running Meat Processing And Wholesale Companies

They’ve been in business since 1909 and while processing technology and logistics have changed a lot since then, OSI Industries still works hard to create tasty foods while never compromising customer safety. They’re most known for their prepared specialties such as breakfast bacon and sausage patties and sandwiches found at supermarkets, and burgers and pizzas found at fast food restaurants. They cater not only to big chain food suppliers but to smaller merchants as well, and their mission is to make sure their foods align with customer tastes in each region. But what’s really made OSI Industries special is how their executives have run the company over the years.

Otto Kolschowsky can be credited with the founding of OSI Industries originally as a butcher shop that grew into a meat market with its own factory. After he retired, his sons managed the company and named it Otto & Sons, and in 1957 they became official partners with McDonald’s. With this new partnership, Otto & Sons needed to add more production plants but needed new financial management and capital raising expertise to do so. Sheldon Lavin, a financial consultant then joined the team and rearranged Otto & Sons financial department and the company started turning profits. Lavin was made CEO several years later and still holds that position today, and after Otto & Sons began opening plants in new countries, it became renamed OSI Industries.

The way OSI’s leaders describe the company is not having a typical corporate structure where orders are just given from the top. Instead, everyone’s voice is heard and Lavin and OSI President David McDonald are always looking to improve things in the workplace. Many employees have expressed happiness with the company and it’s been known to have few overturns. Companies that have been bought out by OSI Industries are always offered continued employment for current employees.

OSI Industries’ current holdings include 50 plants in 17 countries and the recent buyouts of Baho Food and Flagship Europe. The UK’s British Safety Council recognized their safety and environmental responsibility innovations in 2016 by presenting the Globe of Honour award. OSI Industries has also taken part in human rights celebrations and supported community drives for ending hunger. OSI Industries’ executives also sit on the board of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, a grant foundation for healthcare and scholarships for underprivileged families.

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The OSI Group and Their Global Success In The Food Industry

OSI Industries is over 100 years ago and in 1928 OSI Industries was known as Otto & Son, then by 1975, the company was called OSI Industries. OSI Industries is the largest global supplier of custom food products for popular retail and restaurant brands, as well as privately owned food labels. OSI also co-packs for worldwide food plants under other subsidiary owned names.

OSI works with their partners in 17 countries and in 65 facilities, like the United States, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the Asian-Pacific areas. In the U.S., OSI is the largest privately-owned food company in the manufacturing and production industry. OSI Industries is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Industries has grown exponentially since its earlier beginnings. Its reputation is based on producing wholesomeness, quality products, and custom solutions for the food industry. Its growth was spurred on by the many financially prosperous acquisitions that OSI Industries has achieved. For instance, in 2016 OSI procured Chicago’s Tyson Food Facility and Europe’s Flagship and Baho Foods. OSI also acquired other European food industry giants which produced food items from appetizers, entrees to desserts.

If you have eaten at Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks, and other dining food locations, you are more than likely to have eaten OSI Industries very best food products. Retail and high-end food chains order OSI’s many food items including, beef, poultry, bacon, pork, hot dog, sausage, fried foods, sous vide products, sandwiches, pizza, baked snacks, and a variety of produce foods.

OSI Industries has received many awards and recognitions for their sustainability in everything that they produce and their operating methodologies. OSI’s principles are based on their work ethics for animal welfare, the health/safety for their employees, environmental, water, energy, waste, and quality air emissions. Top corporate certifications in each country they work in has been awarded OSI Industries, like the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme certification and the LEEDS certifications.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of OSI Industries. Under Mr. Lavin’s aegis, OSI Industries was awarded the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor that recognizes food industry companies which excels in strong safety techniques, as well as health and environmental management. Mr. Lavin was also awarded the Global Visionary Award which recognizes visionaries in a variety of fields.


Sheldon Lavin Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

Sheldon Lavin, the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, is known throughout the world of food services as a global titan, but despite his continued success over the past four decades, when Mr. Lavin decided to try his this industry, he was relatively green, with very little experience. Prior to joining the food services industry, Mr. Lavin had enjoyed a very successful career as an investor and executive in the banking industry, while also heading his own financial consulting firm. Mr. Lavin’s initial foray into food services began in 1970 when he was asked to help secure funding for Otto and Son’s, who were intending to build a new meat processing facility that would allow them to become the Midwest meat supplier for McDonald’s Corporation. Mr. Lavin was asked to come aboard as a partner with the growing Otto and Son’s but initially declined, although he included a caveat that would allow him to join at a later date if he chose to do so.

Throughout the decade, Sheldon Lavin would considerably more involved with the goings on at Otto and Son’s, and by the 1980’s, he’s secured an ownership stake and had begun expanding the company into untapped areas, including South America, Taiwan, and the Philippines.
It was during this period of rapid expansion that Otto and Son’s became its current entity, OSI Group. As a result of Mr. Lavin’s passion for growing the company, OSI Group quickly became one of the world leaders of the food services industry, and currently has locations in over 60 countries around the world.

Sheldon Lavin has received a myriad of awards throughout his career, and in February of 2016, he was presented with the Global Visionary Award by Vision World Academy, located in India. Mr. Lavin received the Global Visionary Award due to his continued expansion and growth of OSI Group, increasing its international presence. At the age of 81, Mr. Lavin continues to play an integral role in the daily operations of OSI Group, as well as the continued growth of the company. Over the years he has made a habit of staying committed to philanthropic endeavors, regularly donating to charities such as Ronald McDonald House.

To know more visit @: www.linkedin.com/in/sheldon-lavin-a325b98

Logan Stout, a Man of Many Traits

Stout can best be described as a man of many traits because of his undertakings. He is a businessman, athlete, an entrepreneur, public speaker and takes part in charitable activities. While growing, Logan wanted to be successful in life. That is why he looked for all the ways to succeed, and it was dreams come true. After high school, Logan continued playing baseball at a professional level. He grew in the city and school he was appointed to be on the student council. In college, he was both a basketball and a baseball player hence Logan is someone who is super talented.

Logan had a desire in his heart to succeed, and that is why he worked hard to establish himself as a professional baseball player. He also became a coach because of the experience he had playing baseball. Logan did not only pursue baseball because he also went to the university where he studied business. Penola University is where Logan got the skills to be an entrepreneur. He also studied a degree in psychology at the Dallas University because of the quest for education. He got a chance to serve the youth at the Dallas Baptist University where he was the youth minister.

Another good thing that Logan has considered in starting a company that helps people to manage their weight. Stout has a belief that people should be not only useful in mental health but also in physical fitness. He started IDLife, a company that is focused on selling nutritional products to help people in weight management.

The company is now doing well, and many people are now using the products. Many customers are happy with the products from IDLife, and they praise them because they are useful. Logan has partnered with people who know so that they can come with something that is of high quality. If you participate in taking these nutrients, the requirements will be that you take your nutrition in the morning as a breakfast and take the PM packet as your dinner. It is essential to maintain a routine as per the requirement of the diet.

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OSI Group Has Maintained Its Dominance By Expanding

OSI Group, which was the former Otto and Sons, has grown into today’s leading food supplier. The company has been around for over 100 years, and it has provided some of the best tasting custom food solutions of our time. OSI Group has been ranked by the prestigious Forbes magazine, and it has provided food products for many of the most prominent restaurant establishments in history. This list includes McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks. How has this company continued to dominate its environment so well? The answer is really simple when you think about it. OSI Group dominates because it simply creates great products and this is why.

The company has up to 65 different facilities worldwide, and it employees over 20,000 people. OSI Group’s facilities are stretched across 15 countries worldwide. Cheese, beef, chicken and snacks are all on the menu, no pun intended. Many of your favorite grocery stores, supermarkets and schools receive their food products from this brilliant company. Foods that include fresh dough, cookies, flatbread, cucumbers, corn, onions, sausages, beef patties, meatballs, chili, soups, pulled pork, tofu, hotdogs and numerous others. OSI Group has maintained its dominance by expanding. Acquisitions are a big part of doing business. Two of the major food suppliers of the world are now under this company’s umbrella of success. The UK giant Flagship Europe and the fan favorite Tyson Foods. These acquisitions will allow OSI to cater to once untapped markets. This is business 101 and OSI Group personifies it best.

Custom creation doesn’t happen by chance. Many hours, weeks, months and years have been implemented in this grand success. OSI Group not only develops food products, it distributes, manages and processes the foods. For any company/business who does actual business here, the solution is pretty much turn-key. The once small meat market that was located in Oak park, Illinois, is now the world’s leading food supplier and that’s a fact.

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OSI Group: World Leader in Providing Quality Food Products

The American company OSI Group, is a international leader in contributing quality products and custom solutions concerning the food industry. OSI Group mainly involves themselves in the meat packing industry. It is famously known for having high quality meat distribution around the world.

OSI Group, alone, has created tens of thousands of jobs and careers. Their people oriented business sustains many families all across the United States, and all over the globe. OSI Group is responsible for not just offering many jobs, but also taking care of the people who take the jobs.

Connections to most popular food services, makes one consider where OSI Group stands as a global food distribution leader. OSI Group has distributed food to places such as: Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, Subway, and many others. Many people have eaten food from OSI Group, and may not even known it.

The company’s recent purchase of Baho Food, has given OSI Group a much greater influence in the continent of Europe. Baho Food is a Dutch food manufacturer that distributes food to over 18 European countries, while also maintaining plants across the Nederlands and Germany. The OSI Group wants to also have the ability to distribute their food in more areas in Europe, than they did before.

OSI Group has also, recently, bought a food plant from the company Tyson. Their decision was due to their continuing growth. This plant was purchased to compensate OSI Group’s growing gains. Tyson had seen no future for the plant and it’s workers, but OSI Group did, and quickly turned the plant around to have one.

There exists many reasons for why OSI Group is so great and is one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies. OSI Group has brought many advancements in the food industry, when concerning profitability and jobs. It has also provided great tasting food all across the globe.