End Citizens United is Working to Restore Campaign Finance Integrity

The Citizens United Supreme Court decision sent shock waves through the political world. Before this verdict came down from the court, legislators had worked diligently to craft important campaign finance reform laws that were aimed at limiting the amount of big money that was poured into political races.

The Citizens United verdict declared that corporations had the same free speech rights as individuals. Corporations and political action committees were left unchecked in the amounts of money that they could donate to a candidate. Often, the donors of large contributions did not have to be disclosed. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase

One important group rose up in opposition to big money in politics. End Citizens United was founded in 2015. The purpose of this group is to combat dark money in political campaigns. End Citizens United works to support candidates who are willing to cease from taking corporate tax money. The group lends its support and endorsements to those candidates who are committed to seeing the Citizens United verdict overturned and new campaign finance reform laws passed.

End Citizens United is committed to bringing about change in the 2018 mid-term elections. They have targeted a number of representatives and senators who are among the worst offenders when it comes to trying to stop campaign finance legislation. End Citizens United is actively backing candidates who will attempt to unseat those in Congress who are standing in the way of campaign finance reform progress.

One of the main candidates that the group is supporting in this election cycle is Beto O’Rourke. He is currently serving in the United States House of Representatives representing a district in the El Paso, Texas area. Congressman O’Rourke is attempting to unseat Ted Cruz who is the current Senator from Texas. As far as End Citizens United is concerned, there number one goal is to unseat Senator Cruz.

The End Citizens group will continue to raise money and support candidates who are in agreement with their agenda. This year’s election cycle is just the beginning of the group’s long-term effort to bring about change.

Visit: https://www.opensecrets.org/527s/527cmtedetail.php?cycle=2016&ein=810870857