Rocketship Education Expansion to Continue

One of the most important assets that a person can receive while they are growing up is a proper education. While there are Public School Systems located in all cities across the country, many people find that the public school systems do not have sufficient funding to provide a proper education. For those parents that are looking for another solution, finding a charter school to send their kids to could be a great option. Over the past decade, one of the fastest-growing charter schools in the entire country has continued to be Rocketship Education.

This charter school program was first founded just over a decade ago. While it has started small, the chain is not considered to be one of the Premier chains of charter schools entire country. While it was first opened just over 10 years ago, the concept for the organization actually was developed more than 20 years ago. The group of teachers and other educators that came up with the concept finally or able to open up their first location in 2007.

The first charter school opened by the chain was located in Oakland, California. Over the next few years, the organization operated just the one school but was frequently looking for other areas to expand. Within just a few years, the organization was able to open up another school in California and has continued to expand ever since. Today, Rocketship Education has over 15 different schools located across the United States. The organization operates schools in a variety of different major cities including Washington DC, Milwaukee, and Nashville.

While private schools across the country have continued to rely on having a student body that comes from families with a lot of assets, the charter school program has continued to provide amazing services despite the fact that they typically provide to students that come from lower-income families. Overall, more than 85% of the nearly 10,000 students come from families that are considered to be low income. The school is able to support its expenses by raising money from outside donors and through some other sources contributing to the cause.