Blackberry Nectar Brings Happy Back To Your Lips

Blackberry is such a distinctive one, albeit a delicious one. This duskily sweet summer flavor only comes around in it’s full glory once a year. Anyone who loves blackberry will love to taste this delicious flavor as often as they can. With Blackberry Nectar EOS lip balm you can experience the delicious flavor of blackberry nectar not just once a week, not just once a day, but several times per day. Each time that EOS sphere is twisted open the lips will anticipate the delicious kiss of a ripe blackberry fruit.

It is easy to imagine the scent of this delicious blackberry EOS balm. The flavor of the balm is flavored only with the extract of the 100% fruit. The 100% all natural blackberry fruit extract lends a taste as true as can be to the true fruit. The scent is coming from this all natural blackberry extract making the smell as unbelievably fresh and enticing as the delicious taste. Also see,

Blended in with this 100% all natural blackberry flavor is jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil. These luscious natural emollients are full of essential fatty acids that deeply hydrate and nourish the lips. Olive oil hydrates and nourishes without clogging pores, shea butter deeply nourishes and coconut oil increases the elasticity of the skin. All of these ingredients absorb into the lips of the skin for an easier smile that doesn’t crack, flake or peel. Not only does it heal and prevent chapping but it simply revives a dry and tired smile making it easier and more pleasant to spread those lips into a happy form. A little extra stevia added into the mix makes it a little bit sweeter when that tongue sneaks out to taste this all natural formula that smells too good to resist. Get your EOS lip balm from most major retail outlets such as Target, Boots, Perfumania, Ulta and Amazon is wonderful.

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