Continued Growth In Communiy Banking

Modern day banking has many more advancements than banking in years of the past. Technology is involved to the highest degree for the most intricate and the most basic services. Community Banking isn’t much different than International Banking to a degree, but community banking gives you a sense of family and closeness that international banking lacks. Held on November 7th of 2016, Texas Bankers Association held it’s Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference that Nexbank attended. This event is in it’s 5th year and it’s one of the top business/banking forums that’s designed for sharing perspectives opportunities and the challenges of community banking.

This year John Holt, whom is the president and (CEO) of NexBank Capital Inc, served as one of the panelists of this prestigious event. This annual conference is a great meeting spot for participants and panelists alike. Attendants get to explore strategic opportunities through organic growth, branching, and (M&A) activity. With so many changes in banking (via) technology, the conference is a great place to catch-up and stay involved in this ever changing industry.

NexBank, which is one of Texas’ leading regional financial institutions, was well represented this year. The success of the bank has continued to grow over the years and as of 2016, NexBank’s total assets were around $3.5 Billion. The financial institution specializes in commercial, investment, and mortgage banking, but plays host to many other services such as commercial lending, credit services, corporate finance, industry coverage, mergers, operations and real estate advisory.

NexBank was also involved in one of the best mortgage lending services with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, and Habitat For Humanity. This allowed people with limited mortgage access that lived in specific areas of Southern Dallas, to receive affordable mortgage coverage. With this amount of success, NexBank will continue to be a leader in regional/community banking for years to come.