Rodrigo Terpins Emerges a Winner in Rallying and Business

Rodrigo Terpins is a renowned rally driver hailing from Brazil. He landed a podium position in the 22nd edition of Sertoes Rally. This is the largest historic race in Brazil. The race had seven stages and was across two major states. Terpins was with his partner, Fabricio Bianchini. Their competition was against the T1 Prototypes. Terpins and Fabricio were ranked in the eight position in a team of 38. They celebrated their performance in the company of family, friends, and fanatics. Rodrigo said that he was surprised they made it to the 8th position. This is because they encountered challenges on their way. Rodrigo mentioned that the team needed equipment to make it through the race. Check out Terra to see more.

Sporting Family

Terpins’ family loves sports. His father is Jack Terpins. Jack has succeeded in entrepreneurship and has been passionate about sports for years. He dedicated his youth to basketball. That was in the 60’s to 70’s. He played for Hebraica. Jack has always rooted for his son’s participation in sports. Rodrigo’s brother, Michel Terpins is also a prominent rally driver. This reflects the family’s passion for sports.


Aside from being a rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins is an entrepreneur. He serves as the director for T5 Participacoes. He has been serving for about ten years. He is also the managing director of Lojas Maria. In this organization, he worked for 16 years. He was in charge of strategic planning, electronic commerce, commercial automation and business management. He is passionate about business and its impact on community development. Terpins used his ideas to develop people’s talents as well.


Terpin’s interests go past business and sports. He loves charity and supports causes like arts, culture, science and children’s programs. He commits time and talent to make people happy. He is glad to assist the less fortunate in every way he can. For those who aspire to be rally drivers, Terpins is a role model to look up to. He is committed and spends time training to emerge the best. All too often, he has earned the famous title by landing the top positions in the industry.