Ara Chackerian: Markings of an Entrepreneur, Investor, And Philanthropist

Ara Chackerians’ role as the ASC Capital Holdings Managing Director is multifaceted with a dedication to investing in early-stage Healthcare companies with a commitment to reinventing the United States Healthcare system.


Aras’ experience in building healthcare companies over two decades have led him in co-founding several companies and being a frontrunner in offering diagnostic imaging services, Telepharmacy services, and TMS Health Solutions. His vision is to improve the real-time sharing of data to provide for better patient services through streamlining and bridging the gap existing between technology and healthcare. For more details visit Medium.


Ara chackerian involvement through the creation of awareness on mental health issues has helped highlight the need to understand the drug overdose crises and its link to mental health through sharing of experiences, dealing with stigma, and related language. He raises the importance of living a balanced life, early identification of the telltale signs of mental health issues, and the positive impact of communal responsibility in dealing with problems related to mental health.


In a recent interview to discuss TMS Health, Aran Chackerian expresses how his experience in building out-patient diagnostic radiology centers inspired his most recent venture in Psychiatry through a new depression treatment device called transcranial magnetic stimuli.


Through the device, he depicts the potential to develop into a foundation of psychiatric care through its efficiency in the treatment of major depressive disorders. Aran denotes that although TMS received FDA approval in 2008, little awareness on this device use and efficacy lay in the limitation of the insurance coverage policy, in addition to difficulty in hiring and retaining quality technician. Through the partnership with clinicians, progress in the establishment of facilities serving San Francisco Bay and Sacramento area is evident. For more details visit



About Ara Chackerian


Ara is currently the managing director of ASC Capital holdings, TMS Health Solutions, Mint Medical Education, Juma Ventures and previously having held the post of Managing Director in BMC Diagnostics. Ara Chackerian is Based in Florida and Graduated from Florida State University with a degree in marketing. He has Co-founded several companies with interests in Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, and Philanthropy. He is well known for his support of the environment and his passion for projects intended for the development of youth through investing and partnering with non-profit making organizations.



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Todd Lubar advise to new entrepreneurs

Todd Lubar is a successful real estate investor in the United States. He is a graduate of Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communication. He has had a long career in the mortgage industry. He started his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked four years.

Currently Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures which engage in real estate development. His role is to ensure there is rehabilitation, purchase and selling family homes. He has been to produce homes that appealing to all facets of the real estate industry. Todd Lubar attributes his success to hard work. His other strength in this business is that he never takes any client for granted. His organization takes care of every person, even the needy in the society. He also likes to be up to date with all events that are unfolding in the real estate sector which always puts him ahead of the pack in the industry. He reckons that for there to be an equilibrium in the society there must be people with dreams and people who help those people accomplish those dreams. Todd Lubar has acquired so much knowledge and experience in the industry that today he is a powerhouse in mortgage banking.

Having served in the finance and credit sector for over 20 years, Todd Lubar identified on Patreon a big gap in the housing sector, where low earners were having hard time accessing mortgage from banking institutions. He therefore found it prudent to start a business venture that will see everyone access loans to fulfil their housing needs. Lubar advises new entrepreneurs that for them to succeed they must first concentrate on solving the needs of their clients before expecting to become multi-millionaires. A successful business is built by giving the customers what they want. Customer satisfaction should be the ultimate goal of every business person.

Todd Lubar continues to state that no single business person becomes rich overnight. He, just like any other business person out there underwent the same struggles of setting up a new venture. He flopped in the fast few days but he picked himself up and continued to build a multi mullion business venture that TDL Global Venture is today. For more info, visit

The Success Of Anthony G. Petrello

Anthony G. Petrello, or better known as Tony, started out his career with a high education that has qualified him to be successful in the different types of business he has started careers in.

Mr. Petrello has received a bachelors at Yale University and a Juris Doctor at Harvard Law School. He became president at Nabors Industries Ltd. In 1992. He was then promoted to Chief Executive Officer of the company in October 2011.

Before his career at Nabors Mr. Petrello held a position at a law firm known as Baker & McKenzie, where he managed the New York Office from 1979 to 1991. In 2012 Mr. Petrello became the Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries Ltd. Currently Anthony Petrello holds Board Memberships in Texas Children’s Hospital, Nabors Industries Ltd., and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. As of the 2015 fiscal year Mr. Petrello’s total compensation is exactly $27,512,939. Of that $27,512,939 only $1,580,077 was received as salary. The rest was broken up between bonuses, stock, and other types of compensation. His compensation is expected to grow in the years to follow. Anthony Petrello has held many different positions over the years, and he has been successful at all of them.

Optical Transport Network CEO Shaygan Kheradpir Is A Respected Professional

There are people that want to know how the IT industry does what it does. The people that learn how the system works are valuable commodities on the employment scale. People that understand bandwidth and photon signals and the meaning of IR energy are not found sipping coffee on park benches. The people that can differentiate between wavelengths and have a megahertz mentality are always busy moving to the next big thing in information technology. Shaygan Kheradpir, the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant is one of those people. If Coriant doesn’t ring a bell, it’s probably because information technology gurus don’t register with mainstream network users. Most people just want their communication devices to work. How they work is not their responsibility. But Kheradpir has never been one of those people. Shaygan got interested in information technology before he was accepted to Cornell University. He earned a degree in engineering at Cornell and then he earned two more degrees before leaving the campus and venturing out into the IT industry.

Coriant is a well-known supplier of future-proof optical transport, and the company is an SDN-enabled service manager as well as packet/optical aggregation and switching supplier to Tier 1 service providers around the globe. Coriant has a heritage of engineering excellence and innovation, and the company has more than 30 years of optical networking expertise and leadership. Coriant’s end-to-end solutions give fixed line and mobile network operators increase service velocity, and it helps reduce the operational complexity that exists in the multi-layer transport networks. Kheradpir is an expert when it comes to understanding what it takes to keep up-to-date in terms of operational systems as well as innovative advancements.

In 2013, Coriant was founded by Marlin Equity Partners. Pat DiPietro has been the CEO and Chairman of the Board until he named his replacement in 2015. Coriant operates in 48 countries, so it was important to name a successor that was familiar with the international IT challenges that exist in the market today. Di Pietro worked with Kheradpir while he was managing director of Marlin Equity Partners, so he knew that Kheradpir could handle the responsibilities that come with being CEO and Chairman of the Board of Coriant. Di Pietro is taking over as CEO and Chairman of Marlin Equity Partners, so he will still play an active role in the Coriant family.

According to an article published by, DiPietro thinks Kheradpir will do an outstanding job as CEO.

IAP Worldwide Services

On a global scale, the world can suddenly become a chaotic mess. The goal at IAP is to make the impossible, possible. Ingenuity And Purpose (IAP) is a leader at providing logistics, management of facilities, and advanced professional technical support.

The team is two thousand members strong while being active in over twenty five different nations across the globe. No matter if it involves the public or the private organization or company, nothing is too difficult for IAP to handle.

Some clients are best served in the battlefield, overseas. IAP is there to provide whatever the requirements to supplement the efforts. There is no delay in the coordination and the engagement of the professionals assigned to a task of any level of complexity.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

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With the military training and capabilities within the talented pool of IAP employees, no operation or project will be rendered without the proper scale and technological requirements for success. Even medical laboratories can be set up with careful detail focused on sterile conditions and proper handling of biohazards along with equipping and protecting the healthcare professionals and researchers.

No matter what the nature of the project may be, the men and women of IAP have met the challenges for more than 60 years. The reputation that is found by the clients of IAP is a reliable one. Those who are served by this great company are highly satisfied as their expectations are constantly being exceeded. One of the ways this is accomplished is by making a pledge among the professionals at IAP that makes the mission of the IAP clients one and the same as the mission of IAP.

The goals of the team members of IAP Worldwide are the goals of the clients that are served with conviction, passion and expertise. Through a corporate culture of success, the customer is treated with the highest level of respect and gratitude so that all the communities involved will benefit from the efforts.

The services that are provided by IAP Worldwide include global level support for the government to keep the United States strong and safe. Aviation support is also a provision of the skilled employees of IAP Worldwide.

From the runways, the hangers and the aircrafts to the skies, the skilled technicians and engineers support the pilots, the navigations team and the communications systems to offer dedicated safety to the mission at hand.

The Information Technology and communications teams will also support the United States and their allies in the battlefield or on the shores of the homeland in all types of crisis and conditions of urgency. Both home and broad, IAP Worldwide will be ready for all challenges, making that mission their own.

The impact of Davos Financial Group

A leader in his field, David Osio has been impacting the business world for many years. A graduate for the Catholic University Andres Bello, Osio has completed years of study in international law. In the early 80’s he ventured out to start his own career becoming the President of OPED Enterprise. This company is responsible for many of the nations top coffee export programs. He has held high positions at a number of other major companies and has had a major impact on them.

Osio’s career took a turn in the mid 1980’s. He became a part of the law firm MGO in Caracas. It was here that Osio was responsible for dealing with corporate clients such as Ferro Corporation and Consolidated Bank. His knowledge of the law and career experience as a legal advisor are reasons he gained a top position with Banco Latino International in Miami. During his stay with Banco, Osio was responsible for seeing a noticeable increase in the companies portfolio including a growing presence internationally.

After years working for major companies, Osio decided to start his own venture in 1993. It was during this time he created the Davos Financial Group of companies. This group was the first from Venezuela to provide financial advice for a very select clientele. In just a short time, Osio has been able to tremendously grow his company and lead it to great success. Osio has served as the CEO and expanded the business to serveral major cities including Miami, New York and even Panama.

Davos Financial Group prides itself on developing companies that that offer tailored services matching the specific needs of their unique clients. With agreements with several different banks, this company has a very diverse and versatile portfolio. Osio and his companies also pride themselves on philanthropy and giving back. Over the years Osio has supported groups like MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra). Furthermore he and his companies support international foundations, such as the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. Overall Osio’s contributions to the business world and have been great. He continues to be a great leader who will have an impact for years to come.

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