Talk Fusion offering a next level form of connecting the world.

Bob Reina took a video of the house he was considering to make a purchase and wanted to send it via email. To his dismay, it was impossible to post the video via email, and it was this need that gave birth to Talk Fusion. Bob Reina teamed up with people who helped him build the company that would facilitate sending videos via email. Talk Fusion has been on the forefront making products which have been recognized and won awards. After producing Video Chat which made headlines and won an award, the company and its corporate leaders announced the remodeling of the product to include new and exciting features. The application will now add new features such as a state of the art video support, superior contact management, permanent chat rooms and URLs that have been customized. The product is facilitate by the WebRTC technology with an extensive desktop in addition to file and screen sharing. The innovative WebRTC technology does not require other plugins and makes communication more consolidated. The technology also enhances security and offers the user an improved personal experience while interacting with the product. The move to institute webRTC with talk fusion has revolutionalized the video communications platform. The Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page remarked that the way of doing things was getting much better. This is because of the new voice-only option that improves the quality of audio output. Indeed Talk Fusion is offering a next level form of sharing and connecting the world. Mr. Page also added that the new product would be very influential to the world and even very simple and clear. The CEO Bob Reina also remarked that the product would offer the user more control of the product and the product would adapt to suit the needs of the user. The organization used its product testing group known as the VIP Council who had the privilege to use the product before its release in the market. The group commended the new interface of the product a sign that it would receive the same reaction from around the world. Talk Fusion is ready to set the bar even higher with the corporate leaders prepared to renovate other areas as the company enters its second quarter. Talk Fusion is driven by the desire to beat its standards, and Bob Reina is leading the way to ensure better processes are developed to enhance communication around the world. The firm had small beginnings where they just started with video emails, and the users were able to customize their messages to their liking. Pre-made videos were also provided to cater for the users who did not know how to make the videos. Additional products included such as Video Suite made the whole experience far much more exciting. Users can create and personalize their newsletters by using Video Newsletters. Video Suite will enable the users also have the experience of live chat sessions and powerpoint presentations. This feature also allows other users to access files on the other person’s computer. Sign up forms also enable the user to create an email list while also offering the possibility of one creating their own signup forms. Learn more:


OSI Food Solutions Taking a Bite out of the Industry

OSI Group, which includes OSI Food Solutions, is a company that supplies food products to establishments worldwide. They’re headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The food products they provide include poultry, fish, pizza, and hot dogs. The group started in 1909 as a meat market and has grown into a global leader.

The company made some important purchases and improvements to their existing facilities in the year 2016. This includes a food processing and storage facility previously operated by Tyson Foods. The facility is located in Chicago near an existing OSI plant. This allowed for further expansion and growth within OSI’s manufacturing network. This was one of the many ways the group expanded, to meet the demands of their growing customer base.

OSI Food Solutions has a strong presence in the European market, which was increased and secured by acquiring a majority percentage of ownership in Baho Food. This took place in August of 2016. Baho Food is located in the Netherlands and supplies industries that sell snack foods and different kinds of meat. The companies’ plants are in the Netherlands and Germany. OSI Food Solutions also acquired the U.K. food service provider, Flagship Europe, in December of 2016. This company specializes in condiments and they also provide pies, poultry, and products for sous vide cooking.

OSI Solutions also operates in Spain and Portugal, where the demand for chicken products has increased to a rate of about 8% in recent years. As the demand grows, OSI has made changes and upgrades to keep up with and exceed production requirements. They installed a high-capacity production line in 2016, doubling their production of processed chicken. They also increased their production of pork and beef products, and added more employees to their production line.

Overall improvements made by the OSI Group include brand new buildings and equipment, as well as shipping and receiving areas. The new equipment installed in existing buildings had the additional benefit of reducing electricity consumption and costs. Security systems were also enhanced with perimeter surveillance amd indoor cameras. The company has also invested in a product development kitchen.

OSI is one of America’s top 100 food companies, with more than 65 facilities worldwide. Some well known companies they supply include Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut. The recent acquisitions, improvements, and expansion of existing facilities have allowed OSI Food Solutions to increase production and offer new products. This will continue to grow the company, in more ways than one.

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Jason Hope has formed his life and career in business and technology. Ever since his childhood, Hope has had a knack for technology. He envisioned technology as a tool with the potential of solving some of our modern day problems. According to him, we are currently living in that period where technology has and will continue to take charge of even our most inner aspects. He is particularly thrilled by the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT). He says it has the potential of changing the world tremendously.

Born and schooled in Arizona, Hope was fortunate to get a good education which he partly owes to his current success. He enrolled and later graduated with a finance degree and then an MBA from the universality of Arizona. Jason Hope is a man of many trades. He has developed a niche for himself as an investor, futurist, tech guru and philanthropist.

Technology has seen him identify and nurture budding young tech entrepreneurs. He has been able to select young and brilliant ideas through his website. The selected students are then helped to grow their ideas into meaningful and impactful business. He attributes strong concepts to those which are simple, communicated to a few close people, gets positive criticism and then worked on thoroughly to make them a reality. This simple notation is what he has carried with him in his business journey.

For instance, he tells young entrepreneurs that social media gigs and internet marketing offer a perfect launching pad into the business world. If skills and abilities are nurtured and enhanced, then it makes it quite easy to kick-start a career.

Being a businessman and having loads of other stuff to do, Jason Hope has made good use of the ASANA computer software that helps him manage his activities. It also gives him the opportunity to manage his various projects with ease. Proper networking, keeping close contacts and adequate task management has helped him a great deal.

Not technology alone takes his time; Jason Hope is also interested in philanthropy and medical technology. His philanthropic desire has seen him donate a huge chunk of his wealth towards anti-ageing research programs. He has long believed that through advanced medical technology, conditions such as Parkinson disease and other age-related conditions could be cured. To this effect, he has funded SENS Foundation who have dedicated their time and resources to finding a breakthrough in fighting ageing medical conditions through technology.

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Roberto Santiago Presents the Best Thing that Could Happen to Shopping in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is making people take a serious look at the way that consumers shop in Brazil. He has really done a lot to make it easier for people to shop in Brazil, and consumers are thankful. People that are touring Brazil will notice that there is a lot of ground to cover.


What Roberto Santiago has done is give people the opportunity to make a shopping trip to the Manaira Mall, and this is where they can spend the whole day getting everything done. People can hang out with friends and they can shop. They can eat and see movies. They can also go to bars and watch games and have drinks. This is a very pleasant shopping environment, and this is exactly what Roberto Santiago felt that Brazil needed. It is without a doubt one of the best possibilities for shoppers that are trying to maximize there time when it comes to a day of shopping.


This has really become a very popular way for people to embrace shopping in the most popular part of Latin America. Brazil is definitely changing as more people check out what has evolved with this popular shopping mall environment that has been created by Roberto Santiago. He has found something that people are interested in when it comes to shopping in Brazil. This has given him the ability to create a very popular shopping atmosphere. People are thrilled about what Roberto Santiago has managed to do, and it appears that he is creating even more environments like this in Latin America.


Roberto Santiago has been known for creating a plethora of different real estate investments. He really has been able to build a successful real estate company largely because he was connected to vision of making a bigger and better mall. The Maniara Mall has evolved in such a powerful way. The mall was started in 1989, and the mall continued to expand. It was interesting to see how Roberto started making changes in this shopping center because there were not any like this before the Manaira Mall.


The amusement park that is found in the Manaira Mall is one of a kind. There is no other mall that has the bar, bowling alley and movie theater in a mall in Brazil. The economic growth of Brazil is certainly going to get a positive boost, and it employs a lot of people. That is why Roberto Santiago has been so popular in Brazil. He has managed to show a lot of people that there is a need for bigger shopping environments for the sake of tourists. This is why Roberto has been praised for his work. He has improved the commercial landscape.


You Can Make It Happen With Market America Inc.

In some business circles, there are people talking about their success with Market America Inc. These are special like minded individuals who have attended a Market America event or been brought to one by an already existing member. Either way, these people are lucky. Because they have been given the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve the success only imagined by many folks. Market America is a way of thinking, a business opportunity and a unique set of tools for making successful life choices happen. Maybe it is time that Market America can happen for you.

Market America Inc. is not some fly by night home business, but many people do use it to earn an income stream from home. It is an independent business opportunity that allows would be entrepreneurs to excel in a short time. Attending a Market America event is the best way to get started on the path to real success, but only you can make that choice and Market America is waiting. Because now is a great time for you to begin the new financial success that you have always dreamed would happen. Now it is time for you to make it happen with Market America.

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Roberto Santiago’s eminence in the world of business

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian sportsman, businessman, and a politician. He was born in 1958 in Sao Paulo, SP. Roberto Santiago owns one of the largest and luxurious malls located in Paraiba. The mall is known as Manaira Shopping. He has been re-elected for the second term as the federal deputy for the Social Democratic Party. He has spearheaded the improvement of the effective regulations for workers by organizing civil society for them. He is the vice president of the General Union of Workers. As the chairman of the Consumer Law Commission, Roberto Santiago fought for the betterment of mobile operations and improvement of health plans. He advocated for the approval of the profession of day labor in the Labor Committee.

Roberto Santiago fought for the workers to be treated equally, through his efforts, he managed to advocate for the workers’ constitutional rights and CLT which demanded that all workers be eligible for sickness benefits, right to work, retirement, and maternity leave among others. He fought for the recognition of over 12 million traders who, despite being members of unions and having a collective agreement, were not legally recognized as traders. He also became the president of Labour, Administration and Public Committee of the Federal Chamber in 2013.

The Manaira Shopping was founded by Roberto Santiago in 1989. It is one of the classiest attraction center for fun, leisure and relaxation. The Manaira Shopping attracts people from different parts of the globe, different age groups and all classes of people due to its modern luxurious structure. The complex the best interactive Stadium System, 3D room and account, VIP room, the amusement Game Station with 200 gaming machines and much more. The Domus Hall, located on top of its roof is one of the most extensive concert halls fitted with the most current equipment. The concert hall can house about 14 thousand people with 4,000 of them seated and 10,000 standing.

The complex has two floors for the accommodation of guests. It has private cabins that can accommodate ten individuals with access to changing rooms and lounge music. The ground floor can be used for the events such as Stand-ups, graduations, fairs, private events, weddings, presentations and mega shows. As a sportsman, Roberto Santiago won the Brazilian kart championship and had severally won the first place trophy in the state championship. He has also won various titles in motocross competition. In Northeast 250cc category, 250 vc and 125cc in champion paraibano. Through his superb entrepreneurial skills, he has managed to exploit every business opportunity in his vicinity to become one of the formidable business forces in the region. With over 300 stores and 75,000m² Gross Leasable Area, Manaira is one of the largest malls in the region.


Hussain Sajwani Builds With The Trumps

There are many different signs of success. They all depend on the individual. Some people my find themselves with thousands if not millions of dollars. Then there are others who find themselves meeting and connecting with famous people in the world. It all depends on the industry. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots | The National

For one thing, there are some industries that are famous with people of all walks of life. Among the industries that are very famous is commercial real estate. Among the companies that are shining very well in this industry is DAMAC Group, which is run by Hussain Sajwani. This company has brought forth many great buildings.

Hussain Sajwani is very passionate about what he does. In his passion, he has met with many different people and have carried out a lot of projects for people. He is also a very social and compassionate person. He has met with plenty of people including President Donald Trump.

He and his family is connected with the Trump family. This type of connection is very helpful for Hussain Sajwani and his business. They have done a lot of deals together which has brought forth many different projects of fame. Trump even has his own building in Dubai.

Hussain Sajwani is also a philanthropist. As a matter of fact, he has started out in philanthropy where he has done things for people such as feeding them. Sajwani takes a lot of joy in feeding the hungry. He understands that a lot of things could occur which could people in these horrid circumstances.

Therefore, he has enjoyed not only bringing food for people but has also gotten involved in other ways that he could bring forth other options for people that are struggling. For one thing, Hussain Sajwani likes to build for people so that they could have something to go to.

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Journey Success of Arthur Becker’s

Arthur Becker is a prosperous businessman and investor. He supervises Madison Partners, LLC. The firm mainly deals with Bio tech creativities and Real Estate. He was the CEO and Chairman of ZinioLLC, before he went to Madison Partners. Zinio LLC is a digital broadcast company. He as well served as the CEO of NaviSite which he controlled the supply of internet technology programs. He then converted be a private entrepreneur in technology and real estate.

Arthur Becker expertise for Madison Partners was better because of his experience which he attained Zinio and Navisite. When he was at the companies he got a lot of knowledge in the technology and real estate industry. He was capable of comprising himself in companies that had early stage biotech therefore leading to him recognizing on how a lot of economic changes are presented.

He is now working on concluding township properties on Sullivan located in New York City also he is prepared to grow housing apartments in Tribeca. Arthur Becker trusts in working together as a group with individuals who are faithful therefore better outcomes are accomplished mostly in the real estate industry.

Due to her having the desire in Bio Tech, he has constantly had a devotion to helping on cancer patient to get treatment with the present technology. His success as an entrepreneur is due to her observing problems facing the entrepreneurs therefore making him think fast and solve the problems facing the business before it causes damages. He also directs his staff members and also upcoming young entrepreneurs who have the potential in developing their business.

Arthur Becker success comes through adhering to various business principals including having adequate information of the business, steadiness, paying full attention to the market surroundings and mostly his staff members.

Each business should have brilliant techniques that keep it developing; his business has improved because of his desire and ability for the job. It comprises of one recognizing what they are better in and makes your goals true through them. Also tell individuals on your expertise because they may have that similar skill and they may assist you in evolving your business

Professional Wedding Photography In Popular Locations

George Street Photo and Video specializes in affordable, high quality wedding photography in Chicago, Illinois. The area in the city offers many locations to take the most beautiful pictures such as parks and now trending coffee shops.


If you live in or around the Detroit area in Michigan there are many beautiful buildings, parks, churches and waterfront areas that are absolutely amazing for you wedding pictures on that bid day of tying the knot with your new life long friend.

Bumble app a Game Changer in Online Dating

The development of wide world dating apps can prove to be an intimidating thing. This trend and its improvements have come to ensure that before finding the prince one can kiss fewer frogs. Bumble is a free dating app that builds on a similar model as tinder. The main difference that gives this app an edge is that women are in control when it comes to starting conversations. The main aim of bumble is to cut down on the number of messages women get bombarded with on other similar dating apps, so men can’t engage in the first message.

Bumble permits the user to search for matches based on gender, distance, and age range. The details in the profile include information such as education, job title, and a little background information, and up to six photos of the user. The idea behind these dating apps is that products developed by men have a tendency to approach things from a male perspective hence problem-solving is hindered. A research report in 2013 indicated that 42% of female daters were contacted in a manner that was rather uncomfortable. This statistic made women based apps emerge as they would choose their match and get to meet their intended connection that is more than just sex.

To create an interest the user swipes right or left to indicate the level of interest, and if two interested people swipe right, a connection is made. The woman then has a window of up to 24 hours to initiate a chat or otherwise the match is lost and will have to establish another one. When she sends a message, you have 24hours to reply, or the match would automatically expire. However, upgraded members can reconnect with the past matches by extending the given expiry window by an extra 24 hours.

Watch: Whitney Wolfe on How to Make a Feminist Dating App

Whitney Wolfe is the Tinder co-founder, who created Bumble after she parted ways with the company. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1990, she developed her first business at 19. Whitney Wolfe fresh from the high school started designing and selling bamboo tote bags to raise money following the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. She had initially applied to pursue marketing at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas but was not successful. Whitney Wolfe attended SMU for Global Studies as her second choice. After gaining her honors, Whitney Wolfe went on to works as a sales and marketing agent at a startup organization. Whitney Wolfe then later came up with the idea of a dating app that would change the dating world.

Read Whitney Wolfe’s interview with Vanity Fair to learn more.