Stream Energy Works To Better Communities

Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the State of Texas, leaving many individuals without shelter, food, or even clothing. Luckily, a local business by the name of Stream Energy was there to help. The Dallas, Texas-based company has quite a large area of service and has seen significant success in their business over the past decade, placing them in a great position to help those in need. As a company who prides themselves on being deeply involved in their communities, Stream Energy is passionate about offering what help they can, when they can. REgularly partnering with other organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and The Red Cross, Stream has been able to provide a considerable amount to help those who have found themselves in need.

More recently, Stream Energy has introduced support for The Hope Supply Company, which is Dallas based, as is Stream. Seeing as one of the biggest passions of Stream has been helping those who are homeless, the partnership is beneficial to both parties, as Stream Energy team members make themselves available to help, they also gain trust and loyalty in their service areas while also having a positive impact on those areas. One project that the partnership has worked together on was a waterpark day for less fortunate children. Together with The Hope Supply Company, Stream Energy planned a full day at a water park for children of the Dallas area who were less fortunate, having been part of homeless families or otherwise consider to be in need. The teams worked together to go above and beyond in order to give the children a chance to do something that most had never done, visits a water park. Not only did the teams fund this, but they also made sure that food items were distributed to the children following the day’s adventures, ensuring that they got both the experience and supplies to help alleviate strain placed upon them by their individual circumstances.

Louis Chenevert And Why He Left United Technology Corporation

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technology Corporation(UTC), Louis R. Chenevert has retired as of November 2014. Leaving behind a extremely successful company.


Before UTC


For his educational background beforehand entrepreneur Louis first received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in production management from the “Université de Montréal”, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC) and an Honorary Doctorate from the “University of Montreal”. Louis spent 14 years at General Motors gaining experience than serving as Production General Manager of General Motors’ St. Therese operation. Than he joined Pratt and Whitney through 1993 until april of 2006 where he then joined UTC.


Chenevert Time At UTC


The idea for UTC came because of the drive to create products that could change people’s lives because of this drive they have continuously been creating technology that has been changing the entire way we think of things now.


When Louis was at UTC the focus was on operational talent and engineering. They wanted something that could exceed what the customer wanted. To do that they had small teams and operational leadership teams that got all the necessities needed to achieve their objectives.


When he was working there one thing he made sure to do was to ignore the idea of outsourcing. Instead of moving to countries that would work for cheap he did the opposite he chose to move it to the United States. He believed cheap pay is the equivalent of receiving cheap products.


The corporation became very successful even with the hardships that were gone through to get it to the standard it was at.


Why Would He Want To Leave?


There was no big scandalous reason behind him retiring his position. There was no bad reputation held by UTC or any big commotion caused by Louis. He simply decided that he wanted to live a semi- retired life and have some extra time. So he can now enjoy his life just a little bit more than before and experience new passions and behind him he left the highly successful company of United Technology Corporation.

OSI Industries Acquires Tyson Food Giants

How The OSI Industries Group Continues To Stand Out As Food Processing Leaders

The food service network is a very lucrative industry that cones with strict guidelines to keep the general public safe. The OSI Industries Ltd., food group exemplifies food processing and has been proudly established since 1992; based in Aurora, Illinois. Their customers have been able to sufficiently feed from a complete nutritious meal. OSI doesn’t make you guess what’s in your food by providing full disclosure on their website. Their full disclosure includes what’s in their food and where it cones from.

OSI Industries Acquires Tyson Foods

The OSI Industries Ltd.” food group understands the benefit of creating jobs. Their CEO, David McDonald received the Global Visionary Award for creating job opportunities in many impoverished areas. They recently sought out a bud for a Tyson food plant in Chicago. Tyson foods is a very popular household name among many food competitors. Today, they hail as one of the largest food processing plants in Chicago under the direction of OSI Industries. They were able to retain the permanent position of hundreds if dislocated area workers with the success of their merger.

Recent News About OSI Industries

There is a flourishing food industry in the EU market and OSI has decided to take the initiative towards expanding their international portfolio with the inclusion of the largest EU plant facility in the area. They have the capacity to handle the acquisition with Flagship Europe with over 55 operating facilities in 16 countries. The success of the deal has generated millions and has allowed Europe to expand their business growth efforts. They will operate their facility responsible for processing their food condiments and frozen poultry. OSI will also market their organic vegetables in India and take over the Baho Food Group in the Dutch food industry.

Now, is a great time to find a great employment opportunity with OSI Industries. You can visit their website to learn more about how to apply for a diverse career opportunity. Feed your family a diet they can trust with an OSI Industries Ltd., food group diet today.


The mastermind behind Kerrisdale’s research- SahmAdrangi

He is a Penn State graduate who landed an internship on Merrill Lynch’s credit desk in NYC through sheer networking and hustle. His diligence, as well as “Clickability,” allowed him to spend additional three years at Merrill while trading credit on the bond desk. At the then $3 billion hedge fund, Longacre, he parlayed this experience into a credit trading role. His time Longacre incidentally overlapped with SahmAdrangi, the current hedge fund founder of Kerrisdale Capita; Management.

Recently, Sahm published a short aggressive piece: NothernDynacity- The Pebble Deposit Isn’t Commercially Viable, that could move the market on 14th February. Many thanks to Adrangi’s piece that thrilled many.

Sahm served on the credit team for Paulson $ Co – the guy who made over $6 billion shorting mortgage bonds after Longacre. Then in the preceding three years, he was a credit PM at Bowrery Investment Management, LLC.

In June 2015, Sahm made a life choice to quit Wall Street given the high cost of living in the New York City, the hours as well as the Perception that things had changed given the industry-wide asset outflows. From the seed capital Sahm made at the Wall Street, he generates a lot of income from good securities, and he still loves investing. He is a great guy who enjoys spending and has made a lucrative amount of money in his PA.

Although the Kerrisdale Capital Management shares research on a variety of industries as well as corporations, Mr. Sahm in recent years focused the efforts of the firm on various specific sectors in which Kerrisdale has created expertise. One area of focus is the biotechnology sector, and Kerrisdale published research on development stage companies such as the Sage Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic, Zafgen, Unilife, Pulse Biosciences among many others.

Another area of focus is the mining sector, and Sahm has called into question the mining projections as well as market valuations of Northern Dynasty Minerals, First Majestic Silver and other resources firms. Besides, Kerrisdale published many reports on the telecommunication segment, sharing skeptical views on Straight Path Communications, Dish Network, ViaSatInc and Globalstar.

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Marc Sparks Recommends Full Immersion In Work as an Entrepreneur

When one becomes an entrepreneur, he most likely enters an unfamiliar world. This is especially the case for entrepreneurs who were employees before. For one thing, the employee makes a certain amount of money on an hourly basis. He is almost guaranteed that amount of money. On the other hand the entrepreneur has to really work for his money. At the same time, he takes a lot of joy in the work he does. This is one of the reasons that a lot of people who try to be entrepreneurs do not go back to being an employee.


One challenge that an employee faces is focus. It can be hard for an employee to focus on what he has to do in order to make money. Therefore, they have to come up with solutions to their focus problems. There are a lot of factors that could interfere with the focus. Among the factors that could affect focus is the environment. Therefore, one must either make changes to the environment or else move to an environment that can help him focus better. The type of environment that can help one immerse himself into his work depends on the individual.

One entrepreneur that has worked on making adjustments to the environment so that he can work harder and help others focus is Marc Sparks. He is a serial entrepreneur that has worked on bringing forth new solutions to challenges that can make it easier for other entrepreneurs to reach their goals. Marc understands the importance of working diligently. Entrepreneurs can’t afford any distractions. Just one second of a distraction can take people a few minutes away from their goals. This is why it is important for people to be aggressive about setting their goals towards the success of their business and other activities.


Journey Success of Arthur Becker’s

Arthur Becker is a prosperous businessman and investor. He supervises Madison Partners, LLC. The firm mainly deals with Bio tech creativities and Real Estate. He was the CEO and Chairman of ZinioLLC, before he went to Madison Partners. Zinio LLC is a digital broadcast company. He as well served as the CEO of NaviSite which he controlled the supply of internet technology programs. He then converted be a private entrepreneur in technology and real estate.

Arthur Becker expertise for Madison Partners was better because of his experience which he attained Zinio and Navisite. When he was at the companies he got a lot of knowledge in the technology and real estate industry. He was capable of comprising himself in companies that had early stage biotech therefore leading to him recognizing on how a lot of economic changes are presented.

He is now working on concluding township properties on Sullivan located in New York City also he is prepared to grow housing apartments in Tribeca. Arthur Becker trusts in working together as a group with individuals who are faithful therefore better outcomes are accomplished mostly in the real estate industry.

Due to her having the desire in Bio Tech, he has constantly had a devotion to helping on cancer patient to get treatment with the present technology. His success as an entrepreneur is due to her observing problems facing the entrepreneurs therefore making him think fast and solve the problems facing the business before it causes damages. He also directs his staff members and also upcoming young entrepreneurs who have the potential in developing their business.

Arthur Becker success comes through adhering to various business principals including having adequate information of the business, steadiness, paying full attention to the market surroundings and mostly his staff members.

Each business should have brilliant techniques that keep it developing; his business has improved because of his desire and ability for the job. It comprises of one recognizing what they are better in and makes your goals true through them. Also tell individuals on your expertise because they may have that similar skill and they may assist you in evolving your business