Stream Energy Works To Better Communities

Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the State of Texas, leaving many individuals without shelter, food, or even clothing. Luckily, a local business by the name of Stream Energy was there to help. The Dallas, Texas-based company has quite a large area of service and has seen significant success in their business over the past decade, placing them in a great position to help those in need. As a company who prides themselves on being deeply involved in their communities, Stream Energy is passionate about offering what help they can, when they can. REgularly partnering with other organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and The Red Cross, Stream has been able to provide a considerable amount to help those who have found themselves in need.

More recently, Stream Energy has introduced support for The Hope Supply Company, which is Dallas based, as is Stream. Seeing as one of the biggest passions of Stream has been helping those who are homeless, the partnership is beneficial to both parties, as Stream Energy team members make themselves available to help, they also gain trust and loyalty in their service areas while also having a positive impact on those areas. One project that the partnership has worked together on was a waterpark day for less fortunate children. Together with The Hope Supply Company, Stream Energy planned a full day at a water park for children of the Dallas area who were less fortunate, having been part of homeless families or otherwise consider to be in need. The teams worked together to go above and beyond in order to give the children a chance to do something that most had never done, visits a water park. Not only did the teams fund this, but they also made sure that food items were distributed to the children following the day’s adventures, ensuring that they got both the experience and supplies to help alleviate strain placed upon them by their individual circumstances.

How OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin Helped The Company Reach New Heights

Sheldon Lavin is The Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group. The OSI Group is one of the largest food providers in The World. Over the years, the OSI Group has evolved from a small company into a major corporate business that operates in many countries around the World.


The early years of the OSI Group can be traced back to Chicago, Illinois. German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat market and butcher shop to serve the community. The initial store opening was a success, which allowed the business to expand into other cities throughout Illinois.

After the second World War, many suburbs began thriving as a result of a postwar economic expansion. During this time period, Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s restaurant. Kroc reached an agreement with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons for them to serve as McDonald’s first supplier of fresh ground beef. The partnership between Kroc and Otto & Sons would prove to be profitable for everyone involved.

Moving Forward

Otto & Sons faced pressure to create a consistent product. The invention of flash freezing opened up new opportunities within the food industry. Otto & Sons eventually became one of McDonald’s core suppliers once the franchise consolidated its supply chain. Otto & Sons opened its first McDonald’s based product line in West Chicago. The plant featured new technology that allowed the machines to flash freeze hamburger patties. After a few years, Otto & Sons became OSI Industries. Sheldon Lavin joined the company by serving as an investment consultant. Sheldon Lavin played a pivotal role in helping OSI’s capitalization strategy.

As OSI began to spread their business across The United States, they broke into the international markets by creating joint ventures with McDonald’s in Germany and Spain. Thanks to the growth in the international sector, Sheldon Lavin eventually became CEO of The OSI Group. Lavin’s experience as an investor and executive helped the company reach another growth phase. The OSI Group spread their business operations into South America, Australia and Asia. The OSI Group has also opened two culinary innovation centers within the last few years.

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Michael Burwell Is The Relentlessly Positive New Chief Financial Officer Of Wilson Tower Watson

Michael Burwell is the Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson, and he believes that one of the best things that people can do to in life is to listen intently to others. He works his hardest at being present, in the moment, when he is communicating with people and feels this is the best way to truly get to know someone. When someone in his company has what could be the next great idea, he works to ensure that it gets looked at so it doesn’t simply vanish without ever of having the chance to see the light of day.


Michael Burwell has always worked with companies to get more from less, and he is a believer of technology and how it can help people to become more productive. Coming from this place, he always shares apps with others that he has found useful in his life, and he also tries to find out what apps they use to help them out. When it comes to finding success, Michael Burwell believes that being relentless and positive are two important traits that always help.


During the month of August in 2017, Willis Towers Watson made an announcement that Michael Burwell would be taking over its Chief Financial Officer. With more than three decades of experience in the financial services industry, he took over for the former Chief Financial Officer of the company, Roger Millay, who voluntarily retired. Burwell has served the companies he has worked for over the years in different roles, and many of them have been financial roles where he has taken up a leadership position. Burwell also has worked as an auditor as well as a transaction services advisor who has worked with valuation and pre-merger due diligence.


Michael Burwell studied at Michigan State University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration. He is also a certified public accountant and was given the title of Alumnus of the year in 2010 by Michigan State University. He worked with Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. (PwC) for many years and served the company as a business advisor. In the late 1990’s, he took over in a leadership role for the company’s central U.S. transaction business, and he became its Chief Financial Officer in 2009 as well its Chief Operating Officer in the United States. Before his current role as Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson, he served as the Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation for PwC. Visit This Page to learn more.