Wes Edens Buys Into The World’s Sixth Richest Soccer League

The arrival of some of the world’s leading business people in English soccer has led to the game continuing to grow into those with the highest revenues. The Premier League is the world’s top-earning soccer division by earnings, but the second tier of English soccer is fast catching up with the top division having been named the sixth-highest-earning league in the world by the financial specialists, Deloitte. Fortress Investments Group founder, Wes Edens has joined the growing list of foreign investors in the U.K. with his purchase of a controlling stake in the historic club, Aston Villa.

Wes Edens has become one of the leading private equity and non-traditional investment opportunities following the establishment of the Fortress brand in 1998. Sports have played a major role in the life of Wes Edens as he has been a consistent backer of the U.S. ski team, reflecting his own interest in skiing and other outdoor activities. Since selling controlling interest in Fortress, Edens has devoted more time to his passion of exploring the outdoors through rock climbing. Not only has the former Lehman Brothers and BlackRock Investments specialist sought to develop his career as an investor, but he has been looking to spend more time scaling some of the world’s most famous peaks. View Wes Edens’s profile on Linkedin

The decision to take a controlling interest in the Aston Villa soccer team came in the Summer of 2018 following the failure of the club to achieve promotion to the Premier League from the second-tier of The Championship. Now rated as the sixth-richest soccer division in the world, the members of The Championship generated just under $100 million in revenue throughout the last season.

Working on the structure and organization of Aston Villa was the initial focus after the purchase of the team by Wes Edens and business partner, Nassef Sawiris. Changes have been ongoing with the appointment of veteran Chief executive Christian Purslow and Head Coach Dean Smith bringing renewed success on and off the field.

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Stream Energy Works To Better Communities

Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the State of Texas, leaving many individuals without shelter, food, or even clothing. Luckily, a local business by the name of Stream Energy was there to help. The Dallas, Texas-based company has quite a large area of service and has seen significant success in their business over the past decade, placing them in a great position to help those in need. As a company who prides themselves on being deeply involved in their communities, Stream Energy is passionate about offering what help they can, when they can. REgularly partnering with other organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and The Red Cross, Stream has been able to provide a considerable amount to help those who have found themselves in need.

More recently, Stream Energy has introduced support for The Hope Supply Company, which is Dallas based, as is Stream. Seeing as one of the biggest passions of Stream has been helping those who are homeless, the partnership is beneficial to both parties, as Stream Energy team members make themselves available to help, they also gain trust and loyalty in their service areas while also having a positive impact on those areas. One project that the partnership has worked together on was a waterpark day for less fortunate children. Together with The Hope Supply Company, Stream Energy planned a full day at a water park for children of the Dallas area who were less fortunate, having been part of homeless families or otherwise consider to be in need. The teams worked together to go above and beyond in order to give the children a chance to do something that most had never done, visits a water park. Not only did the teams fund this, but they also made sure that food items were distributed to the children following the day’s adventures, ensuring that they got both the experience and supplies to help alleviate strain placed upon them by their individual circumstances.


How Shafik Sachedina Is Providing Better Healthcare For The Masses

Shafik Sachedina is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who holds the position of joint chairman at Sussex Health Care. Sussex provides residential and nursing treatment for people with diverse ailments such as neurological issues, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. His leadership has seen the healthcare grow to 23 homes with over 500 beds. The house has great professionals who offer personalized care to each of their patients. Priority is based on medical care and nutritious food to ensure comfort and fast healing. Their patients are also engaged a lot in activities that interest them to ensure that they feel at home as much as they can.

Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania before moving to the United Kingdom for further studies. He enrolled at the Guy Medical Hospital in London where he studied medicine. After college, he went on to study Dentistry at the London Dental School. He practiced in various hospitals in the UK where he made a good name for himself for being among the best dentists. It is after this that he decided to settle in the United Kingdom and work with various healthcare companies to help people.

Out of the healthcare sector, Shafik Sachedina has been a significant force in advancing his Ismaili culture throughout the world. He is active in organizations that create awareness of Islamic culture in the UK and across the globe. He holds several positions in his philanthropy like the head of the department of the Jamati Institution. He is entrusted to oversee the smooth running of activities in their sixteen branches so that they can achieve their goals. In the past, he had the privilege of being the president of the Ismaili Council in the UK for two consecutive terms. In his volunteer work, he serves as a member of Aga Khan Development Network committee. The Aga Khan Foundation is a worldwide NGO that works towards empowering members of the Islamic community economically. Shafik Sachedina is a respected leader especially in the Ismaili community and has been in delegations to resolve conflicts in Afghanistan and Syria.

Source: https://www.cqc.org.uk/provider/1-101716401

Peter Briger Speaks about Crypto World

When crypto assets were brought to the international market several years ago, there were few personalities who were willing to try their luck and make their wealth. There were many companies in the finance department too, but very few were interested in showing their clients the path to follow so that they could be successful. There are people who have been very courageous in the American market, and they have been trying out the market so that they can understand the dos and don’ts of the market. These people have risked their wealth, and they have come back with the right decision.

Peter Briger is currently among the few financial executives who have addressed the issue of crypto assets in the recent times. When many people are still confused about the decision to make in this area, the businessman and his company have already made a decision. Peter says that it is the right time to venture into this market. Peter Briger has already tasted the waters, and he can now share the good news with the other consumers in many parts of the world. Peter Briger career in the finance world is highly respected, and this means that people take his advice seriously.

Briger was not always this popular in the past. The American based investor was born and also spends his early life in the United States. With the help of his committed parents, the young boy had the chance to attend great universities in the world. The education he got was high quality, and it prepared him for the tough market. By the time Peter Briger landed his first position in the complicated American market, he was ready to assist the people who would come to him looking for financial investment ideas.

While working with Fortress Investment Group for the last two decades, Peter Briger has taught the world many important lessons. The businessman has encouraged his followers on the decisions to make concerning their wealth and what to avoid. His love and commitment to the organization have helped him to maintain his prestigious position over the two decades.

PSI Pay: An Electronic Money Company

PSI Pay has a family of features available to its users for their financial needs, specifically their electronic financial needs. One of the features that PSI Pay offers is ecoPayz. This a payment solutions provider that operates globally. It offers a form of secure, convenient and instant method of payment for individuals and businesses. This feature allows for business owners to instantly receive funds from customers and send these funds anywhere in the world.

This eWallet is very popular. People are flocking towards eWallets because of their many convenient features. An eWallet lets users load money into the electronic wallet from a credit card or bank account. Once a user does this, their ecoPays eWallet has been formed and is ready to use in 44 different countries in 173 countries. People like eWallets because they cost absolutely nothing. All money transactions are done extremely fast, Transferring funds with an eWallet is secure and replaces having to go through a traditional bank to conduct an online transaction. By using PSI Pay’s eWallet, users can withdraw money from an ATM.

E money is regulated just like traditional money. In the United Kingdom, FCA is the authority over electronic money. They license certain intuitions to be able to over e money to people. PSI Pay is one of the institution’s that is licensed under the authority’s regulation. The FCA is an independent organization of the United Kingdom. It receives its financing from members of the financial industry.

PSI Pay has had authorization since 2011 to offer electronic financial services across borders. Providing Partner Sponsorship payment options, has made the company’s platform stand out amongst competitors. The platform allows business owners to have full control of managing their programs on the company’s platform. The FCA regulated financial provider is also an issuing member of Mastercard and Visa. Transparency and efficiency has caused the company to grow so large ever since its formation in 2007. The company is a growing electronic financial provider in its field. Starting in the United Kingdom, the company has expanded its horizon. People across the globe are using the company’s platform to conduct personal and business electronic financial transactions a secure and instant way.


The Successful Career of Vijay Eswaran

In business, every entrepreneur needs a role model to look up to. However comfortable the business venture may look, it is always very critical to have a mentor or a guru with whom you can identify with. For those who are internet marketing especially, we know that this business can be quite challenging. Therefore, there is the need to look up to someone who has been there before. Well, Vijay Eswaran is just the right person in this scenario. Here is a look at some of his achievements and life history.

Early Life

Vijay Eswaran was raised in Malaysia. Growing up, he developed some passion for business. At the same time, he was very hard working to the point of helping his parents with the family upkeep. Moreover, he worked as a cab guy because he aspired to join the school at the right time. With the cab business, Vijay Eswaran managed to foot his school fees. Therefore, he went to London and joined a school in which he studied economics and business management.

Career Journey

Shortly after, Eswaran delved into the world of careers and business concurrently. He started by working for computer companies that needed his services urgently. Moreover, he focused on doing a series of jobs including serving as a grapes plucker in France. From there, be moved to the United Kingdom and started working in the binary system industry. Through that business, he was tempted to delve into more work and even primary professionalism. That is how Vijay Eswaran decided to join CIMA and acquire primary professional qualifications in the business. Later on, he would earn an MBA from the prestigious Southern Illinois University where he scored high grades and earned a job opportunity at Synaptics in the United States of America.

Beginning his Entrepreneurial Career in Business

Shortly after, Eswaran moved to Malaysia after serving most clients in North America and South East Asia. After 13 years of service, it was now time to head back home and work on his multilevel marketing business. At the same time, Cosway Group approached him to venture into the same industry. That is how Eswaran got to where he is as of now.

Venturing into Business

Because he discovered that the business was too profitable, Vijay Eswaran decided to establish QI Group. This is an e-commerce business that has affiliates in travel, telecommunications, wellness, training, corporate management, and media among others. Over and above, the company has branches across Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong among others. QI has nurtured many business professionals. Aside from that, the business has been instrumental in transforming people’s lives in many ways. Moreover, Vijay Eswaran has specific life philosophies he applies to succeed in life.

Eswaran Discusses Fear

In his perspective, Vijay Eswaran discourages entrepreneurs from being fearful of taking chances, especially in business. He goes on to highlight the fact that in business, there will always be challenges at some point. However, there is no need to be discouraged because the dust will settle eventually.