Marc Beer – article recap

Renovia Inc is a world-renowned company that is in the forefront of fighting pelvic floor disorders that affect millions of women globally. The firm focuses on the development of first-line digital therapeutic and diagnostic devices that will go a long way in helping combat pelvic floor disorders. The firm as parts of its expansion strategy in product development closed a 42.3 million dollars financing deal that comprised of a Series B equity financing of 32.3 million dollars and a venture debt of about 10 million dollars. The funds will be directed to support Renovia’s numerous projects that are at initial stages including clinical trials and corporate development among others.

At the heart of the Series B financing was Renovia’s longtime funding partners Perceptive Advisors, Longwood Fund and the Missouri based Ascension Ventures. Other funding partners who ensured the funding was a success included Inova Strategic Investment, OSF Ventures, and Cormorant Asset Management among others. BayCross Capital Group which is a leading investment advisory firm provided advisory services to Renovia.

Marc Beer who serves as Renovia’s company Chairman and CEO in a statement said the firm was honored to have received funding from the top investment companies in the healthcare industry all of whom share in the firm’s vision of improving the treatment and diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders that affects millions of women across the world. According to Beer, the funding partnerships with both the existing and new investors are of great significance since it is aligned with the firm’s clinical and commercial vision. Besides the funding, the firms will realize immense benefits as a result of their combined innovative and proprietary sensor technologies that will go a long way in ensuring that firm’s clients get valuable data on new treatment options, a better understanding of the disorder and ultimately lower the healthcare cost. Renovia since its inception in 2016 has been of the forefront inventing products and therapeutic diagnostics devices that have helped to positively impact the lives of millions of women suffering from pelvic floor disorder globally. Renovia boasts of its FDA approved device that can isolate and direct optimal motions of the levator plate. The tool designed with a state of the art patient centered app together with data management technology that helps provide patients with precise and cost-effective treatment of the disorder in real time. Learn more:

At the center of Renovia’s Funding is Marc Beer who is the firms founding partner and currently serves as Chairman and CEO. Renovia was established in the year 2016. The other founding partners of Renovia are Ramon Iglesias, MD and Yolanda Lories. Marc Beer who is a bio-technologist by profession is a startup enthusiast who has participated in the formation of various companies such as ViaCell that he founded in 2000.


Matthew Autterson – Leading Name in the Pharmaceutical World

Matthew Autterson is one of the leading names in the business community of Colorado and is also attached to many social welfares and charitable initiatives in the region, including FAB or Falci Adaptive Biosystems. FAB represents the interest of Matthew Autterson in the context of philanthropy. In the past, he has held many other positions such as Chairman of the Board of Denver Hospice and was on the board of organisations such as Denver Zoological Foundation and Denver Zoo. Matthew Autterson is also known for many other philanthropic efforts in his community. Over the years, Matthew has helped many of the local charities and NGOs financially and through his wealth of other resources to function and aid the growth and development of the local communities.

Matthew Autterson is also the CEO and President of CNS Bioscience, a company founded by Scott Falci in 2013. CNS Bioscience is a biotechnology firm that focuses on developing drugs, mainly for the neuropathic pain. It has many drugs under development, and few of them are in the pipeline to get the approval for mass production. Matthew Autterson has done major in Finance from the Michigan State University in 1980. After completing his studies, Matthew joined First Trust Corporation, which is a subsidiary firm of Fiserv, a primary financial services provider. In 1982, Matthew Autterson left Fiserv to join a small trust company chartered by Colorado State.

Matthew is on the board of the Webb-Waring Foundation and is also the chairman of the board of Denver Hospice. Previously, Matthew Autterson was associated with the World Presidents Organization and Young Presidents Organization. Matthew Autterson is a thorough professional and has helped many companies he has been associated with to grow and develop tremendously. Currently, he is focused on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector and is leading Falci Adaptive Biosystems. He has helped in structuring the business and organisation efficiently so that it can progress without any interruptions. There are many formalities that a pharmaceutical company has to go through to get licenses and approvals for the drugs it develops, and it is where the expertise of Matthew Autterson comes into the picture.

The field of biotechnology is one of the fastest growing, and it is what has led to the development of many new efficient drugs that help the patients get a fast recovery. Matthew Autterson understands the importance of such researches being conducted and is helping materialise it through FAB.