Dierdre Baggot Is A Solid Healthcare Business Consultant

When healthcare is the topic, it can really generate some opinions. Our healthcare system has changed dramatically over the years but there are people behind the scenes trying to make it better. Many ideas have been generated and then put into effect, attempting to tackle some of healthcare’s inefficiencies. One person who has made a real impact is Deirdre Baggot, PhD., MBA, BSN. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram


I am glad you asked. Deirdre is renowned and respected among healthcare executives. She has committed herself to the healthcare industry and has been serving it for her entire career. Her work has become focused on the financials, and is known as a leader, a national expert, and an innovator. Her main contribution has been to reform healthcare and she has promoted bundled payments. As of 2012, it is estimated that one-third of the entire system used bundled payments, so her work has definitely made a difference.


Deirdre received her PhD. from University of Colorado, her MBA from the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola in Chicago, and her BSN from Southern Illinois University. She worked at Northwestern Hospital and then University of Michigan Health System, leading others and applying her vast clinical and business knowledge over a 10 year period. While in her clinical roles, she helped develop patient care protocols that are currently in place. She saw an opportunity to streamline that process and made it happen.

Her career moved forward and she teamed up with GE Healthcare Partners (Senior VP, Practice Leader) but now is a business consultant. Deirdre has managed teams and millions of dollars, and her innovative ideas have generated millions in revenue. In fact, she has over 20 articles published regarding healthcare reform with bundled payments. Deirdre Baggot led CMS’s “Bundled Payment Demo for Acute Care Episode”. As you can see, she is a dedicated leader and is able to provide expert level consulting with her high level of experience and knowledge. Deirdre loves to think up new ideas and see her ideas through to fruition, and she is paving the future of healthcare. Learn more: http://www.acc.org/latest-in-cardiology/articles/2016/09/22/15/15/business-consult


Susan McGalla Guiding Women to Achieve Success in their Respective Field

Susan McGalla is the name to reckon with in the United States’ corporate circle. There are many females who have achieved a lot in the country in the past few years, but Susan McGalla is amongst the most successful female executives in the country. Susan McGalla has two brothers, and during her teen years, her father ensured that she is treated no differently than boys at her household. It is what infused the sense of gender equality from the very beginning.

Susan McGalla has led some of the top companies in the retail business, including American Eagles and Wet Seals. Having made her mark in the retail business, Susan McGalla is often consulted by many companies and businessmen when they are looking to grow their retail business. The business strategies implemented by Susan McGalla at America Eagle Outfitters Inc and Wet Seals Inc has helped these companies increase their revenue manifolds in just a few years.

Susan McGalla believes that achieving high ranking positions in the corporate world is very much possible for women these days if they have the potential and the qualifications. The performance of the women should speak for itself, and Susan McGalla says that education plays a big part in achieving that. Susan McGalla said that women must not compromise on their education and must complete it before thinking of getting a full-time job. Many women leave their studies to do jobs, and it is the reason why there are not many women at executive positions in the top companies in the world.

Susan McGalla believes that women working in a corporate setting should be regarded just like any other professional. There is a need for change, and it can only happen when women are firm on their ground and do not let other people intimate them from achieving their dreams.

Find out more about Susan McGalla: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/susan-mcgalla-on-being-both-a-woman-and-a-leader-300016893.html