What The Winning Of The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award By Madison Street Capital’s Employee Means To Its Clients.

Recently the American business market community held their annual Gala event for the industry. In this Gala, the major players in the business market meet and interacted. There was also an awarding ceremony for the best young efforts in the business market for the year 2015. This awarding ceremony celebrates the top 40 business professionals in the market on different capacities who are under the age of 40. Among those who went home with a recognition award from the ceremony was Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala. Anthony Marsala is the Chief Operating Officer at Madison Street Capital. He was awarded The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award in this ceremony.

The winning of this much-coveted award at the annual Gala event brought a lot of celebrations to Madison Street Capital. Anthony Marsala, the winner, extended his gratefulness to the entire Madison Street Capital community for supporting him throughout his career. This is one of the most competitive categories of the award, and he says that he would not have won it without the support of his professional colleagues at Madison Street Capital.

Anthony Marsala further stated the winning of this coveted award by a Madison Street Capital employee proves the firms dedication to providing its market with unparalleled services. He further stated that Madison Street Capital is full of highly qualified staff whose sole motivation is the success of its clients. Anthony Marsala also said that he will work with his colleagues at Madison Street Capital to make sure that they offer them even better services. He said they will work to make sure that each of them is satisfied with the services they get. He says that their goal is to make Madison Street Capital the number one investment banking partner in the market.

Madison Street Capital is a small and middle market boutique investment banking firm that provides investment banking services worldwide. This firm engages in corporate financial consultancy, investments financial opinions, merger and acquisition, and business and investment valuation. Madison Street Capital serves both public and private firms in the market. This international investment boutique is prominent for facilitating the success of numerous firms in the market. This firm is also known for its superb customer handling and customer care services.

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