Best Brothers Joining Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks charity foundation is adding two new trustees to the board according to PR Newswire. Joining the ranks of the Autism Rocks staff are the brothers Will and Pete Best, old college mates of Shah’s. The pair will be in charge of many managerial aspects of the charity as well as setting forth both short term and long term goals.

The charity, founded by hedge fund manager and philanthropist Sanjay Shah, was started after an impromptu tea in the garden of Shah’s house located in Dubai with world famous rapper Snoop Dogg. The visit left Shah inspired to start a foundation for autism research funded with gigs performed by world famous artists in honor of his then five year old son who had been diagnosed with autism at the age of two. Watching his child be unable to speak or communicate and struggle to focus on tasks was heartbreaking, knowing there was nothing he could do to cure the disease he decided on the next best option. To him, that meant donating toward autism research to fund scientific studies that could find alternate therapies and new ways to help those affected by autism. The afternoon with Snoop Dogg along with his desire to further research in a critical field that affects up to 1 in every 68 families lead to the development of the Autism Rocks foundation.

Austism Rocks is a UK-based and invite-only concert that is held to raise awareness for autism as well as donations toward autism research. Headlining the Autism Rocks concerts have been celebrity performers such as Lennie Kravitz, Drake and Prince and the foundation has successfully put on many fun filled events for families.